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Frankee is one very beautiful girl from France, with a magnificent voice. The voice she has can only be a gift from God.  When she sings it is nothing,but beauty and touching to all who listen and you can bet the moment she starts all the angels in Heaven stop to hear all the beauty she brings. Frankee said that when she sings it makes her happy. Singing may make her happy, but it also makes everyone who hears her happy as well.

Frankee is eleven years old, and her breath taking singing career started when she was very young. When she was three years old she started singing songs with the karaoke machine. By the age of four she had also learned to read because of the karaoke machine, and at age four she began touching people with her pure and soothing voice. She made her first public appearance at a singing competition for the children`s category at the Marie-Bell Theater in Paris in front of 800 people. She said from that time on she never stopped, because she loved it so much.

Frankee`s fame is now rising because of that karaoke machine years ago. In 2009 when she performed at the Avignon Opera she got to walk the red carpet for the first time along with a lot of French artists and TV personalities. Frankee was so hoping to walk the carpet with the Princess Stephanie of Monaco, but she was not able to come, so she walked with Claudia Cardinale. Frankee said it was very cool! This past March 2012 she got to perform at the Congress Hall in Liege, Belgium. She really loved the ambiance of the place, and the producers were very nice. While there she also got to perform with a good friend of her’s, Marie Goudier. Frankee sang her favorite songs with a variety of pop and rock. In May 2012 she represented France at the Sanremo Festival in Italy. She loved performing here because she got to meet a lot of talented children from all over the world. Two of these young performers were staying at the same hotel and became close friends of her`s. One of them was a singer from Malta named Gaia Gauchi and the other a violinist from Macadonia named Eva Bogoevska.

Frankee made her first TV appearance at the age of seven, she joined “Petites Stars le Grand Soir” on the French TV channel TF1. It was a singing contest for ages seven to thirteen. Frankee was the smallest and the youngest among all of the contestants. This show gave her the chance to sing in front of more than 5 million televiewers and won the grand prize from a public vote. Frankee was soon back on TV when she was selected to sing “Ben” to open a show called “Les Stars Chantent Michael Jackson”, which was a tribute for Michael in February 2010. Later she got to perform on another show with Jason  Derulo, Natasha Saint Pier, Amel Bent, Mickey Green, Chrisophe Maé, and many other artists.

France is very lucky to have such and awesome talent as Frankee. The song and video “Tell Him” really shows off her talents very well. This is a very beautiful song, and Frankee brought even more beauty to it. When she sings “Tell Him” she has so much heart and emotion in it that it touches you in a way that no one else could, it reaches deep into your soul. When Frankee was asked why she chose this song, she said, “Tell Him is a very beautiful song and I have never heard of it until my mom showed it to me while we were looking for a duet song that I  can perform with my friend Marie Goudier at the Congress Hall in Belgium. I loved it so much that I was so eager to learn both the parts of Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand”.   As soon as she got back from Belgium they went to the studio to record it and then they shot the video in her neighbors front lawn. The idea for this video is a very simple, but very elegant giving the song even more meaning creating more touching moments throughout the video.

She gains a lot of inspiration for her singing from her mom, because they have done so much in music together and she has taught Frankee a lot. There are other people in her life that also brings inspiration to her like her piano teacher and her voice teacher, Didier.

Frankee is talented in so many different ways in the arts, she loves to dance, act, draw and paint. She also writes, creates, and sketches comic-strips. All of these talents will help her grow even bigger as a star. She is a wonderful little girl who loves to sing and make people happy. It is incredible how much emotion and heart she can put in a song for someone so young, the angels have truly touched her and guides her through her voice and heart. Frankee is a very special little girl who  possess a talent in singing that is far beyond her years, one can only imagine just how magnificent “she” will become.