Gabby Barrett


Gabby Barrett at stars2come


Gabby is from Pennsylvania, and carries one of the most beautiful voices ever. When it comes to singing Gabby delivers her songs with emotion and heart. She can sing anything from christian to country to pop, and everyone listening becomes glued to her every word. People are blown way with each song.

Gabby started her amazing career at the age of nine. She would singveat churches all around Pennsylvania.

She says she has performed at many places since her beginning, but performing for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates fans was very exciting.

Gabby’s talents have won her several contests, but for her the most memorable was the Kean Quest Contest. At this contest Jackie Evancho was voting for her along with the other three judges. Gabby won the contest, and she enjoyed Jackie giving her the award.

This wonderful Pennsylvania girl has a great range to her voice, and she hopes to one day be recognized for it. Gabby also dreams of capturing others so they will be part of her journey. When she sings songs, she likes those that challenge her vocals. When anyone challenges her to sing something high or low it is fun for her. She loves to make people smile and dance at her performances. It is fun for Gabby when a teenager tries not to like her music, but can get the person up singing and dancing.

Gabby has been writing a great number of songs, and she says they are doing really well on iTunes. She writes well, and what she writes has a good flow to the lyrics and catchy. When it comes to writing, she just writes whatever pops in her head. One of her favorite songs she wrote is, 4 Leaf Clover. Gabby wrote 4 Leaf Clover when she was eleven years old, and people are always asking her to sing it.

Keep an eye out for Gabby, she will be doing many concerts, and she is thinking of doing a Christmas concert on the Gateway Clipper or Stage AE.

She is a great performer and is getting recognized by many people, but she feels no different from anyone else. Gabby loves to perform and refuses to allow negative thoughts control her dreams. She is very thankful to all the people who have supported her along her journey. Some day God willing she wants to have one big give back concert to say thank you for all the support.

Gabby does have an amazing voice, and uses it very well. One day down the road she will own the airwaves, her talent is going to rule!