Gabriela Sepulveda

Gabriela Sepulveda at stars2come

 Gabriela has a beautiful voice, with great power and can sing in both English and Spanish. Her vocals in English are awesome, but in Spanish, she is magnificent. She can really bring the emotions and expressions out very well. She has one of those voices that, you just love to listen to.

 Gabriela is eleven years old and lives in California. This wonderful singer began at about a year and a half old, she says, after she learned her ABC`s. The first songs she learned to sing were from movies, Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, Hannah Montana and others in English. How ever, she loved the Mexican Folklore music and the  Mariachi bands, she says, they are full of emotion and strong feelings. Gabriela can really bring those emotions and feelings out in a song. One time when she was four years old, she sang happy birthday to her Aunt at a restaurant, the people in the restaurant gave her applause’s and requested other songs from her. Afterwards some of the people gave her money, $14.00, which she still has to this day, she says, that it is her lucky money. She is currently learning voice technique and opera from  Nayo Ulloa, who is a well known flute player from Peru.


Gabriela Sepulveda at stars2come

 When Gabriela first started performing, she was performing for family reunions, having mini concerts for her dolls and her family. Her family said, she was the “Little Show Girl”. Her first real performance on stage was at her schools talent show  where she performed, Como la Flor of Selena. All the performers was singing in English, but she sang in Spanish and the audience gave her a standing ovation for her performance. One of her favorite performances was  on the TV program, “Sabado Gigante International”, at the age of nine. It was very emotional for her, because she had always dreamed of being on that famous Spanish TV show. Another favorite of her`s was with a well-known mariachi ensemble in the  USA, “Mariachi Cobre” serenading the activist Mrs. Dolores Huerta this past September, on the International Theatrical Premiere of, “Adelita”, Women of Revolution, in San Jose, CA.  It was awesome for her to work with the producer Dan Guerrero, and meet in person the director of the Premiere Linda Rondstad, one of her favorite singers. Gabriela really loves to perform, it makes her feel free when she is on stage.

 She has made quite a name for herself  in contests and on TV,  when she was eight  years old she performed in “Juguemos a Cantar”, “Let’s Play Singing” a children’s talent show in Gilroy California. She won 3rd place. After this contest she received invitations to perform on TV shows like, “Al Despertar” and “Encuentro en la Bahia” of Univision network, “Comunidad del Valle” of NBC, and Radio Informativa of Telefutura and community events. She also triple tied first place in the TV show, Sabado Gigante International from the  Univision network, at the children talent show on May 2009. She was invited back on, December 2009, to the same program for a special end of the year contest, and she tied first place again. This year the same program invited her back to participate in an international contest, “Estrellas del Futuro”, “Stars of the Future”, with other contestants from other countries, in which she made it to the semifinals. In April this year, she participated in the reality show on the, Americas Got Talent  version in Spanish, in Los Angeles, CA called ” Tengo Talento, mucho Talento”, where she made it to the semifinals.

gabriela Sepulveda at stars2come Gabriela has spent a great deal of time on TV, but she has also spent a good deal of time on radio as well. When she was seven years old she recorded a commercial about “Earthquake awareness” for the radio program called “Nuestros Niños” in Oakland, CA. She was on the  international 104.9 FM radio station in the Bay Area. The programs that she participated in are, “Noches de Fama”, “Nights of Fame” and “Celina al Medio Dia” , “Half of the Day with Celina” on September 2010.

 She has been working on some original songs. She wrote one when she was nine, kind-of a rock song and her dad helped her with the music. She is working on more that are in English and Spanish. Gabriela has one CD out   “Mis Primeras Canciones”, she recorded the CD this year. She is looking forward to her second in which will have some of her own songs on it. The songs on her first was inspired by  Linda Ronstad, and Selena, these are two of her favorite performers. It is clear that Gabriela was made for music. She can deliver a song better than most people that have been performing for years. She has one of the most emotional tones to her voice making you feel every word, and this is what a true performer can do, and Gabriela is just that..