Gabriella Martinez

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Gabriella has so much to give the pop world and she is out letting everyone see and hear what she has. Gabriella’s voice was made for pop. Listening to her you soon feel the goosebumps rise up on your arms and find yourself lost in the story she is telling.

There is a cover song that was just recently released by Gabriella, featuring Micheal Cimino called, Like I’m Gonna Lose You. What she brings to this song is magical. Her soft beautiful voice takes you to a whole new peaceful realm with a feeling of warmth. The addition of Micheal to the song helped to give it great depth and a tender vibe, luring one to the other. The chemistry they  present, and the delivery, makes you want to cuddle up to someone special. This song choice was perfect for Gabriella. “When I first heard the song I loved the way everything came together; the lyrics the melody and the beat. To me the lyrics says it all” says Gabriella. She will thrive in the pop world as an artist capturing the imaginations and hearts of millions of listeners. However if Gabriella and Micheal at some point team up as a duet; they will own it all. The chemistry they posses and blend of their voices would put the world of music in their hands.

As wonderfully talented as Gabriella is, she held it all to herself until about twelve years of age. While she was a bit shy about performing in public by herself, the vocal teacher she started with was a big help with that problem. Her voice teacher booked shows for them each month. Her first one being at a Cuban restaurant. The diners at that restaurant that day was some very lucky people to see a brand new pop star come to light.

Since Gabriella’s beginning at the Cuban restaurant, she has been delighting audiences around many different venues and events.  One of her favorites turns out to be her solo performance at the Smith Center for Performing Arts in 2012. At this event she covered a song by Amy Winehouse, Valerie. She also enjoyed performing recently at the 94.1 kids mix event. At this event she performed a song by Leslie Grace, in half Spanish and half English.

Getting out and performing is what Gabriella likes best. To get out and show off what she has been working on and seeing the reaction from the audience. “It helps me grow more as an artist and I become more confident on stage knowing what works and what I need to work on”, says Gabriella. The artist she likes covering the most right now is Tori Kelly. Gabriella says she finds herself singing Tori’s songs around the house. It is the songs from Tori’s earlier EP’s that she likes best where many of the songs were just Tori and the guitar.

The goal in Gabriella’s life is to become an artist and actress. She looks forward to getting a college degree and using her voice to represent kids that are bullied or harassed because of their gender or sexuality.

Acting is part of  Gabriella resume. She has been acting since she was seven years old. Gabriella has appeared in a couple of commercials and has been on a web series, but mostly she has been working on short films and feature films. Gabriella has a movie premier on October 8th for a feature film. She plays the role of Erin in the movie, Atelophobia, directed by Joe Lujan.

Writing is something Gabriella enjoys doing, however she says most have not seen the light of day. She is hoping that soon, she will get them produced. With all the passion she has in her cover songs, one can only imagine what it will be like with her own songs. It will be a hard to wait.

Even with so much talent and time spent with singing and acting, she always likes spending time with family and friends every chance she gets. Gabriella likes to volunteer for various causes like, Alex’s Lemonade stand which raises money for childhood cancer. Here recently she joined up with Tunes For Totes which raises money for the Make A Wish Foundation. She likes to make people laugh and to express herself with music, acting  and fashion.

There’s no limit to where Gabriella’s talent and passion will take her. It will be exciting watching her career grow and thrive.