Gaby Borges : Impossible

 Gaby is one performer that never ceases to amaze me.  I can`t tell you how much I enjoy listening and watching her videos. Her new song ” Impossible ” is outstanding , she has one of the best voices for anyone her age. In this song she done the background and lead vocals . I love the power and expression she puts in to it. It is awesome how young artists like Gaby can deliver a song. In many cases the younger talent can do far better than any adult. With Gaby she doesn`t just throw together a video , she has a lot of creativity that goes into it and style when it comes to videos. The performances that she puts in the videos puts her in a different category , into an entertainer. Not only do you get enjoyment from the song but from performance. She tells the story not just with her voice,  but with visual expression . She has so much heart when it comes to singing she can make you believe every word in the story , because she is wrapped in every word and believing them her self. This is another thing that sets Gaby apart from others she understands the lyrics the meaning of the words. To many people the words just sound good and don`t really have meaning. There are many great singers and many great performers and Gaby is certainly one of them. The song may be titled ” Impossible ” , but I know when it comes to Gaby nothing is impossible. I am sure very soon there will be more great songs coming from Gaby and I can`t wait to see them. This video was mixed by Gaby`s new vocal coach J. Martinez and he done an excellent job….