Gavin O’Brien, “Elvis Inspired”

Gavin O'Brien at stars2come





Gavin, a young man of the 21st century, but inspired by the 20th, entertains people young and old with music from the past. Gavin a talented twelve year old gained interest in the music from the past due to a book report he was assigned in the 5th grade; it was the King himself, “Elvis”. He grew up with a family who loved singing, mostly in the basement, but this was enough to plant the seed for music, and Elvis made it grow.  On the day of the report he had to dress the part and present it to the class. Through his research of Elvis, he learned what an incredible man and entertainer he was. Then it struck him, what a great role model Elvis would be. And this is where his new adventure begins.

Gavin made his first stage appearance on the famous, Beale Street in Memphis. At eleven years old Gavin’s parents to him and his brothers on a vacation to Memphis, to visit Graceland. His parents believed this would be a good inspiration for him, and it was. While on Beale Street they ventured into Blues City Cafe’ and there he saw his first band on the trip. Once he seen the band it was like he was drawn to climb up on that stage. His parents encouraged him to follow his dreams, he did climb on that stage and sang one of Elvis’s timely classics, Hound Dog. This experience lit a spark in Gavin. “It was the first taste of the life I decided I was going to create” said Gavin.

So new to the entertainment world, Gavin is already out performing across the map. He doesn’t have a regular venue to find him at, currently all have been invitation only.  This gives a clue to what’s to come for Gavin. To stay busy by invitation only at twelve is incredible. Gavin is very talented, this combined with his showmanship on stage and the magnetic personality,  pulls people to him, making him highly sot after.

He has competed in four competitions winning 2 and placing 2nd in another. “I always enjoy the large crowds the competitions draw in, and the excitement of playing with a live band” says Gavin. Gavin  had a great honor performing in front of Mr. Joe Esposito (Elvis’s best friend and road manager). “That night Mr. Esposito stood up from his seat and walked to the stage to shake my hand! After my performance he escorted me off the stage the same as he would have done the King. That was probably the most memorable performance, I will always hold dear to my heart” said Gavin.

Gavin O'Brien at stars2come   Rock and Roll is definitely Gavin’s love, but it is the 50’s and 80’s eras that are his favorite. It is however the King that he gives credit to everything he does all the way down to his dance moves. It is all inspired by Elvis. Elvis is his biggest influence, but the bands and artists of the 80’s come soon after. Some of his 80’s influences are, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Journey, and Bon Jovi. They have all inspired him in different ways and keeps him learning new things.

Performing feels like home to Gavin, it is his place to be. The audience’s interaction is one of the things he loves the most when performing. Gavin has performed at some senior living places and even though their reaction was not as exciting, he could still see in their faces, he brought joy to their day.

Going forward with his career he hopes to keep the magic of the 50’s  and the heart of the 80’s alive throughout his journey. “My dream is to create an image and musical career that is new in time, yet inspired by the past” said Gavin.

Writing his own music is a goal of Gavin’s, he wants to develop his own sound. He plays guitar, piano and drums so all is needed is for him to start tapping into his heart to find the words.

Gavin says he would like people to know that, he does not believe himself to be Elvis, he is only passionate and inspired by him. “I pay tribute to him by performing his music, but look at it as a stepping stone to my dreams” says Gavin. He enjoys learning from those in the past and he intends to keep their music alive for as long as he possibly can. “I hope to someday inspire an eleven year old kid to climb up on stage and chase his or her dreams” said Gavin.

It is clear Gavin has a lot of heart when it comes to music and the past has always been the best place to learn. Watching Gavin, the greats from the past shines through him in all performances. Many of the stars today say, they would not be where they are if not for people like Elvis. A day will come when Gavin will be on stage accepting an award, telling everyone the same, “it was those from the past that made me who I am today” is what he will say, inspiring another. There is another great growing among us, his name, Gavin O’Brien!