Genesis Nava

Genesis Nava at stars2come

Genesis what an amazingly talented and beautiful young lady. Genesis is only eleven years old and has already done what most could only hope for. She has been on America’s Got Talent belting out songs with that great voice of hers, and then on to rock the stage alongside Carrie Underwood. This has all been an adventure that she will cherish for a longtime to come. This is only the beginning for this amazing young lady.

With Genesis one of the things that stands out when she first beings to sing, is how mature sounding her voice is for someone so  young. If she has an amazing voice now, in a couple years she will be sensational with no one being able to touch her. Genesis will be the one that others hope to be like and look up to for inspiration. It is not only her voice that stands out, but also her ability to work the stage and audience which is something that comes natural without fear, and people love her!

Genesis from San Antonio, Texas got her inspiration to sing about the age of three from her father. They started singing together and he would play the guitar and she would sing all kinds of songs. It was not until about the age of eight that people outside her home got to hear how talented she is. Her grandfather is the pastor of a church and her dad leads worship, and one day her dad took her on stage and Genesis began to sing harmony to his voice. Her dad was shocked that she was able to do that. From this moment on, she has been singing at church and even gets to sing lead vocal.

Genesis Nava at stars2come  Well that big mature voice of hers has taken her many places and opened a lot of doors. One of the amazing things that happened came from a poster. Genesis was going to a Carrie Underwood concert and made a poster with photos of Carrie and saying, “Let me sing with you” and it happened. Genesis was up close to the stage and Carrie told her to come on up, (you could not have found a happier girl in the country that night). Genesis made her way up with a little help and standing next to Carrie she was grinning ear to ear. Carrie asked her what song of hers did she know, and Genesis says, Good Girl. Carrie got things going and handed over the mic to Genesis and she rocked that arena, people in the whole place cheering her on. Genesis had no fear whatsoever and sang that song as good as Carrie, and she had a night to remember for a lifetime. Genesis says this is by far her favorite performance. One thing about this experience is that you can bet it will not be the last, arenas like this is where Genesis belongs, and one day she will remember what Carrie done for her, and do the same for someone at one of her concerts. Not only was this something anyone would love to do, but it was really special for Genesis since Carrie is her favorite artist and loves covering her songs. She says she loves what Carrie does with her voice and sees her as a great role model and seeing herself being just like Carrie when she grows up.

Just this past summer Genesis got to show her skills to all of America, when she was one of the lucky ones to be picked for America’s Got Talent. On her first audition with her dad by her side playing guitar, she got all yeses from the judges sending her on to Vegas. Unfortunately she did not make it to New York, but the judges gave her a lot of good comments. She said she was afraid of what Howard Stern would say, but he said very nice things. He said she had stage presence and to keep smiling. (Genesis does have an amazing smile). Mel B told her she sang like a seasoned pro, Heidi Klum said she gave her chills, and Howie said she is what singing is all about. Genesis said the best part was meeting new friends with great talent. To this day Genesis still continues to talk with some of the friends she made like, Ciana Pelakai, Chloe Channell and Aaralyn and Izzy. Not only did she earn some great friends on America’s Got Talent, but it also earned her a couple of awards. Recently she was recognized by the Hidalgo County Commissioners Court and presented with a resolution for her accomplishments on AGT and bringing the spotlight to their community in Rio Grande Valley. She was also given a recognition plaque by the Edcouch-Elsa ISD Board for her performance.

When it comes to singing the artist always hopes to put a smile on people’s faces, and this is exactly what Genesis does to all who listens. Genesis says sometimes when she sees tears on someone’s face it lets her know she has touched that person in some way. This is always the best sign of a true artist when they can make someone cry; they are an artist! Her goal is to one day have her own album and touch people’s hearts with her music. Well one of her goals has already been reached, she does touch people with her music and what a great goal to reach.

Genesis is a wonderful person from a small town, and she loves to sing. She hopes that others may draw inspiration from what she has accomplished and follow their own dreams. She says it is not important that you reach those dreams or not, but it is important to attempted to follow them so in the end there will be no regrets.

For all the fans out there Genesis will be in Nashville mid-October so be sure and keep on the lookout for her. She also has a couple major events coming up and as soon as everything has been confirmed it will be announced. This will be a great trip to Nashville for Genesis, not only for being her first trip, but this is where she belongs, Nashville is hungry for a wonderful talent like her. While in Nashville she will be doing what she does best, putting big smiles on a lot of faces. Wow is all you can say, the stage is where she truly belongs.