Georgia McCarthy

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Georgia is one amazing performer out of Australia, and she is aiming for world attention and she`s  getting it. Besides her talent on stage, the one thing that always stands out when she performs, is she always has a big smile. You can look into her eyes and see the happiness inside her, and the love she has for the stage.

 Georgia was grown up around music all her life, although her parents were not musicians,  her grandfather was a music theater performer. Her grandfather spending so much time on stage could be what has helped mold Georgia into who she is. Georgia found herself in sort of a music class when she was around three, running around shaking maracas trying not to hit the other kids. When she turned eight she began private singing lessons and joined the local Musical Society and was cast as Jane Banks in their production of Mary Poppins. This experience was when she knew there was nothing else that she would rather do. She loved the experience so much that she did not want it to end. Also while at a young age she took up dance at Miss Linda`s Classique Dance Center in Tasmania, Australia, she trained in Jazz , Contemporary, and Song and Dance and learned Ballet form Miss Linda`s  sister Miss Alison.


Georgia McCarthy at stars2come

 When Georgia turned eleven they moved to Sydney, and got with  a wonderful vocal teacher, and won a scholarship to a performing arts school. She was able to gain a lot of experience from auditioning for shows, competing in contests, and Eisteddfods, and ended up winning most of them. When it comes to her favorite style of vocals it would be musical theater. She loves the way you can connect with the audience and make them feel the character. She says, the music theater performer brings the story to life and there is nothing that makes her happier than to see a bunch of smiling faces. Currently she is a music scholar at McDonald’s, which is one of Australia`s leading performing arts schools.

 Georgia has done a lot in the theater. She joined a large musical society and was cast in the theater production of “High School Musical”. She was also cast in The Wiz and Urine Town. Georgia has had the honor of playing many great characters, such as Dorothy, Serena in Fame, Alice, Wendy in Peter Pan, and the list goes on. The amount of talent she has on stage, sets her apart from many others. When she is on stage, no matter what the part, she truly becomes the character, and with all the heart that she puts in, the character really does come to life. Her dedication to theater has earned her nineteen spots, most of which were lead soloist or character. She has a natural talent that comes from inside, the expressions that she puts in the songs to the facial expressions, truly brings the story to life, as if you was part of the story yourself.

 In December 2010 she was part of a national audition for a touring performance group to LA called Glee Club Australia. On this trip she got to workshop with some wonderful trainers including the casting director from Glee “Tim Davis”, casting directors from Disney, and a group of choreographers. Also while there she got to perform at Universal Studios, Disneyland, and on Hollywood Boulevard. Georgia has been doing very well people from all over are taking notice of her talent. She hopes to continue doing what she loves to do, and work professionally in the musical performance industry. Her dream has a very good chance of being a reality. Her talent is not only limited to the stage, she has performed several times on TV, including Nickelodeon, with even more great things coming. She is being seen so much that it will not be long until Georgia McCarthy is a household name, with her achievements discussed regular at the dinner table. If you would like to keep up with Georgia you can on facebook and her new web site that will be live soon, Georgia McCarthy.