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Often when a small person appears on camera or walks out on stage you never really know what to expect other than, aw isn’t she or he cute. With eight year old Gianna she fits right in the cute category and what you can expect from her, is pure amazement. She is proof positive that a small package can deliver big things. When Gianna sings her delivery is that of someone three times her age but, she has such a distinctive and powerful voice that there is no mistake who is singing. Gianna has a unique sound, and along with her spunky personality she will make a great contribution to Broadway and the world of music.

Gianna loves theater and that is exactly where her great career took root. She started performing at the age of six at a local regional theater in South Jersey. The production she was in was a rendition of, “Number the Stars”. She said once she stepped on stage she was hooked!

Gianna Nicole at stars2come Since her beginning she has gone on to do several productions and has gained a few favorites among them. One of her favorites was when she had the opportunity to perform at the legendary and world famous Apollo Theater in New York for their amateur night; Broadway Night.  This was a sold out theater with over 2000 in attendance and after her performance she got a standing ovation. Gianna said it was very cool to perform on the same stage in the same spot as the young Michael Jackson. She has also been named to their “Stars of Tomorrow Registry”. Another favorite of hers was the production of Meet Me in St. Louis. She played the character, “Tootie Smith”; she loved this role because she could really relate to her and get into the role. Gianna loved the fact that  her character was very mischievous and got into a lot of interesting situations. Gianna says that is totally opposite of who she really is. Also among her favorites was when she got to play the marquee role of “Tiny Tim” in A Christmas Carol. This production was held at America’s oldest and most subscribed to theater, The Walnut Street Theater. She said it was really neat preparing for this role and making the transition into a boy from the 1800’s. She was so good at her role that several of the theater employees actually thought she was a boy; they would tell her parents after the show, “Your son did a great job today”. Gianna said that is a huge compliment for a female actress. With all the shows she does, what she loves is the opportunity to transition into different characters. She also enjoys the thrill of the live performance where she is able to pull the audience into her world. Gianna is currently a part of several call backs for Broadway shows.

Gianna just loves to sing and she does every day. She says singing gives her a feeling of joy and freedom. She also says it feels almost like she is outside her body watching someone else perform and hit those notes. Gianna’s parents tells her stories of how she would try to sing as an infant, by moving her mouth to words before she could even speak when music was being played. She is truly thankful and blessed that she has a gift and can experience music through her instrument. She hopes to one day win a Grammy, Tony, Oscar and Emmy. She said this might be a tall order but, she has commitment and focus. Tall order or not Gianna has the talent to bring home these awards time and again and will likely be packing one home here in the near future.

Gianna Nicole at stars2come Gianna is in the process of writing and producing her own original motivational song for kids. She says she is blessed to be working on this project with her vocal coach, Sal Dupree. She says Sal always gives her fantastic vocal direction and assists her in learning more about her instrument in each session and he is not just a coach but, a member of their family and the fantastic producer of Right Touch Studios, Kit Worton.

Gianna is just an ordinary eight year old girl that likes to do what most other girls her age likes to do. She strives to be someone others can look up to. She says she may come across as reserve or quiet but, this just means she is observing. She thinks it is very important in life not to leave others out and to “Stand Up and Scream and Shout” for what you believe in.

One of the first things about Gianna when watching one of her singing performances is how happy she really is. It is obvious the happiness she has when performing is her driving force. While she is highly skilled in her vocal ability for theater it does not stop there. She has the capabilities to move into other genres and deliver those songs with great precision and perfection. Gianna’s skills far exceeds her age and not only vocally but, theatrically as well. A major part of being a Broadway star is the ability to tell the story with not only  your voice but, with gestures and body movements, and Gianna does this seemingly without any effort, captivating and taking those who watch, truly into her world. There have been many big stars on Broadway and now there is Gianna a little girl with a big power house voice that could easily be the biggest star yet to hit Broadway.