Grace McGee “The Voice Of Orlando”


Grace McGee at stars2come

Grace McGee is from Orlando the home of, Walt Disney World. This twelve year old young lady packs one unbelievable voice and now, Disney is not the only attraction  people will be going to see. As talented as Grace is one day she will not be paying to see Disney, Disney will be paying to see her. In some ways that has already come true. In 2010 Disney hired her to record vocals for the Main Street Parade, and hired her again in 2011 to do more voice work. Disney has grown to where they are from making smart decisions and hiring Grace may have been one of the smartest decisions they have made yet. Florida  has everything, Universal Studios, Walt Disney World and now Grace McGee, she is truly, “The Voice Of Orlando”.

Grace’s voice has been getting great attention for quite sometime. When she was seven she entered a radio competition and won. For winning this competition she got to perform the National Anthem for 12,000 people at a Foreigner concert. She was selected from 18 finalists, and was the only kid in the competition. In 2010 Grace had the great honor to open for Radio Disney artists “Savvy”. She said it was so fun to be introduced by actor Justin Smith and perform to a great crowd. Here recently she won the Dray Kid contest with her, “Someone Like You” video. She was very excited by this.

No matter what grace sings it is always excellent. Grace likes covering Colbie Caillat  when ever she can. She says that Colbie sings sassy and soulful songs, and she really likes that. For Grace she is happy when she  sings. She loves connecting to the song, and when she is out performing, she loves the people she meets. She hopes to move forward in the entertainment business with singing and dance, and find a career in the music industry. Grace is someone that will not have a problem finding a place in the industry, and when that place comes along she will set the industry on, “fire”!

Grace will set the industry on fire one day, but today she is setting the gymnastic world on fire. She won the Southeast Regional Championships as a level 8 gymnast. She trained very hard for this event and became the Southeast all around champion. Her abilities are outstanding in singing and gymnastics. She says people should follow their own instincts about their abilities, and never take things personal. Grace does know what her abilities are and she continues to use them to their fullest and this includes, dance. She is very excited about her up-coming competitive performances as a company dancer. This will be the first year for her to compete for her dance studio, and she loves it!

Grace is remarkable, there seems to be no limits to her abilities and she is using them all to take her where she wants to be. To make dreams come true, it takes a lot of work to achieve them, and Grace does the work and it is showing in everything she does.  Orlando is lucky to have such a great talent as Grace McGee and don’t expect nothing, but the best from her!