Griffin Tucker

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Griffin is a young man who has so much to bring to the music world. Most young artists only has one or two talents when it comes to music, such as singing or maybe play guitar or piano. How ever when you dig into Griffin’s musical talents you find that “multi-talented”  is truly an understatement. Griffin can not only sing, but play guitar, piano, bass, drums, ukulele, and learning mandolin. Griffin is pure entertainment, and a joy to listen to and watch. He will amaze you with all his talents, and continues to bring surprises with each new video. In one video covering, “Help” by The Beatles, he plays all the instruments and sings all the tracks. In this video you see and hear what a truly great artist he is.

Unlike most kids who often start out singing in a talent contest, Griffin came out of the gate running making his first public appearances with a band that does strictly Beatles songs. Their first gig was at a back to school party when he was eight. Since then they have played at the Granada Theater in Dallas three times and will be performing there again February 9th.

Griffin has loved music ever since he can remember. He has loved The Beatles from the beginning, and continues to love the band to this day. He learned how to play the drums by watching Ringo Starr when he was six years old. When he was eight he started taking piano lessons, and then decided to learn the guitar. After that he has taught himself how to play the ukulele and is now learning the mandolin. Although Griffin loves The Beatles they are not the only band he likes. He also loves Queen and Led Zeppelin too. When it comes to guitar Brian May and Jimmy Page are his guitar idols.

Griffin recently got an amazing offer to be in a Beatles documentary called, “31 Days: The First US Tour”. He said this was amazing!

Griffin covers many songs and does it brilliantly, but be on the look out on Valentines Day for his very first original song to come out called, “Girlfriend”. This is a song he is very proud of. He wrote the lead guitar solos and his parents wrote the lyrics. Just recently he finished filming the video for it in Hollywood, this will feature his new guitar that was made special for him. He says, she’s one of a kind, he calls her “golden girl”. He also says that golden girl is definitely his favorite guitar out of the 20 he has. As you can tell he really loves his instruments.   He also has a Hofner bass, like Paul McCartney plays, and three drum kits, and of course one of them is a Ringo kit.

Griffin has a great love for music, but he also loves school and tries to stay on the A honor roll.

For someone so young he already has so much to give the music industry and his fans. There is certainly a place in music for Griffin, and he is making his mark now. He has done so much already as an artist, and continues to show the skills he has with instruments and vocals, it is hard to say what surprises he will bring to his fans next. It is going to be very exciting to see him grow as an artist, and see where music takes this multi-talented young man. Griffin Tucker is a name that will be heard for a long time to come.