Hailee Faith Squires

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There is nothing better than finding a new star right at the very beginning of their career. It is a pleasure to introduce, Hailee Faith Squires. This little cutie is a pure ball of energy, but when it’s time to sing, she is all business.

Hailee is eight years old, and lives in Alabama. It was in her home state at the ripe old age of two, that she let everyone know what she could do. Her aunt Mary was singing with her Gospel group at the time, The High Notes. Hailee begged Mary to let her sing, they took up on the altar and sang, “Jesus Loves Me”. This was at Fresh Anointing Church, Brookwood Alabama. From this beginning Hailee has not stopped.

At six years old Hailee walked into Tannehill Opry and thought it was awesome. “I wanted so bad to get on that big, high stage and sing” says Hailee. Hailee’s grandfather pointed out the man in charge, she asked, and he said, yes. Her grandfather went up on stage with her and she sang, “I’ll Fly Away”. Everyone loved her. “They stood up and clapped for me and asked me to sing it again” said Hailee. Mr. Curtis the man in charge said, “Little Lady, you can come and sing at Tannehill Opry, anytime!”. Hailee took him up on his offer and has sung there ever since. “I love it there. And after I sing they give me anything I want for the concession stand” Hailee says.

This past spring Hailee competed in NACMAI (North American Country Music Association International).  At this competition she sang in the New Gospel category, and won Entertainer Of The Year for Female 7-12. This is only one of many awards that Hailee has won for her singing. The first talent show she won was at her school in the, Elementary School Talent Competition where she sang, L.O.V.E. Hailee also won, Entertainer Of The Year in New Gospel  from the Alabama Music Association, she sang, Amazing Grace. She was the winner at the Morning Pointe Assisted Living fall talent show 2014. At the 2015 Tuscaloosa’s Got Talent, she was the child vocalist winner. At this event Hailee sang, At Last.

Hailee Faith Squires at stars2come Hailee sings several genres of songs, but perhaps her favorite is Gospel. “I like to perform because I praise God when I sing” says Hailee. She feels what she is singing and it touches her heart. “I feel like I’m going into the presence of God when I sing certain songs” Hailee said.

One of Hailee’s favorite artists is, Carrie Underwood. Hailee feels Carrie’s voice fits her’s very well. Hailee likes singing old Gospel and for this she likes Vestal Goodman. Hailee says she can sing just like her.

Like many she too hopes to one day be a star. She says she wants to sing for the rest of her life. “I would like to sing and maybe bless people and tell them about Jesus” says Hailee. To many people, Hailee already is a star.

People may look at her and say, that little cute face needs to be on TV, well it is. She has appeared on Alabama Cable Network Gospel show this past summer. Also on Nashville Spotlight back in August; Great Day Alabama with Kip Tyner she was helping promote Talent Search Tuscaloosa 2015. This year Lauren Brooke aired her TV show this year called, The Voice He Hears, and Hailee got to be on the first show. You can bet this is just the beginning of many TV appearances.

Even at such a young age, Hailee is already writing songs. So far she has written two songs called, The Heart Of God and God Is My Love. Currently Hailee sings these a cappella, but she is learning the guitar and hopes soon she will add music to them.

It is without doubt that Hailee was born to entertain. When she is on stage, Hailee shows no fear. If the music is not playing she will still entertain, she is just like a pro. Hailee is someone who will guide others to a good place within themselves. Her spunkyness and witty personality captures everyone. Music is what Hailee is meant to do, she says she can hear the music in her head. Hailee is just at the beginning, and already winning people’s hearts. A child is leading the way, and many are following. It is a long journey, but at the end of the journey lies great things. Hailee, is the leader, and we have the honor of following her on this wondrous journey. Follow Hailee from her website haileefaithsquires.com