Hanah and Hailee “The dynamic duo of Texas”!

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Hanah and Hailee are two amazing young ladies who are stealing the hearts of audiences throughout Texas and beyond. These two girls put on one amazing show and it was a privilege to get to see them in action in Nashville. They each performed solo and had everyone’s attention, then they joined together as a duo, and boy! they really rocked the house. They made a huge impression on the whole venue. Both Hanah and Hailee have a magnetic personality that just draws you to them and keeps you focused on their show. They really are amazing artists, and perhaps more important, they are amazing people.

Hanah and Hailee started winning over people’s hearts  in church, and in 2009 the girls performed for a benefit for the first time which Hailee says this was in Lone Oak, Texas for an injured biker. Then in 2010 they began performing at different opry’s around Texas. Their first opry together was May 15, 2010 at the Reilly Springs Jamboree, for their Gigi’s birthday. Not only are these girls great singers, but they are doing very well on guitar too. In April 2013 they both began playing  guitar, but it was Hanah who began playing in front of a crowd first at church, then Hailee joined in the next year.

Since their start a few years ago, they have performed from Texas to Nashville, and speaking from shows they did in Nashville, they left everyone  wanting more, no one wanted them to leave. During their journey they have collected a few favorites, Hanah liked performing at the Wylie Opry for her CD release party, August 24, 2013. Hanah also liked performing for the 4th of July in her hometown, Winnsboro Texas, The House of Blues in Dallas, being and honorary Light Crust Doughboy and opening for them and performing all over Nashville during CMA Fest, June 2014. Hailee really liked performing for Indian Summer Days at Heritage Park, in Sulphur Springs, she also liked performing at her hometown for 4th of July and Nashville. Hailee says Nashville was a lot of fun.

Hailee Kristee
Hailee Kristee

  These two amazing girls have been winning awards left and right. They won first place at Old Settlers Reunion in Quitman, Texas. They won with an original song called, “Made In Texas” given to them by, Enola Gay Matthews, morning host of KSST radio Sulphur Springs. In 2011 they took second place in the Little Britches singing contest at Red River Valley Fair, Paris Texas singing the same song, and won second place over all at the Oil Festival in Hawkins, Texas 2012.

When Hanah and Hailee get up and sing they love covering many great artists. Hanah has several artists that she considers her favorite like, Reba, Martina, Miranda, Kacey, Carrie and Hunter Hayes. Hanah said, her and Hailee both love Lonestar and Neal McCoy. Hanah also says that she loves and admires Taylor Swift even though she does not sing many of her songs. For Hailee, she says she has a lot of favorites, but the first song from another artist was, “These Boots” by Nancy Sinatra. This was her first because she likes lots of them.

They both just love to sing and entertain. Hailee says it is so much fun and very exciting. She hopes to one day be a famous singer. Hanah also wants to be a great singer and hopes to be an inspiration to everybody and live in or near Nashville. Hanah’s passion is the arts, and entertaining allows her to use many of her talents such as dance, act and of course sing. She wants to make people happy, and she hopes her performances will do that. From seeing their performances, they both make people very happy.

Hanah and Hailee not only perform everywhere on stage, but also on TV. They have been on CiTV, Dallas, with Little Anthony Ballante Jr. While in Nashville, they also filmed for the Nashville Spotlight TV show. They are already planning a trip back to Nashville to tape the Shotgun Red’s, RFD TV show.

Both of these girls are working on original songs and Hailee says she is getting one sent to BMI and is currently working on more. Hanah says she is working on six right now, tweaking them, one is about a soldier going to war and his family praying he will come home safe.

Hanah Breck
Hanah Breck

The trip they made to Nashville this past June was their first, but for sure not their last. Nashville has a way of making and impression on people and that is what happened to Hanah and Hailee, but they also made an impression as well. They got to do a lot of things while in Nashville, they performed and Wild Wings Cafe twice and got to meet Mike Jennings from Nashville Spotlight. On June 5th they went to the Nashville Palace and saw Rhonda Vincent with Darrell Singletary and ran into Neal McCoy and his band as well. They also went to the AT&T U-verse at CMA Fest June 6th and got signatures from T.G. Shepard, Kelly Lang, Lonestar, and  Kix Brooks. They simply took it all in leaving nothing unseen. They say, they will be back!

When ever possible try to catch their performances, once you do, you will be a fan. You can catch them at Ladonia, Texas for Frontier Days July 12th, on September 20th you can see them at Billy Boyd Music Concert and opening for Shoot Low Sheriff Band, and the Chigger Fest in Cooper Texas, October 18th.

Both of these girls are amazing people they love God and family and love to make people happy with their music. Music is who they are and no matter if they are solo or duo, they will win your heart every time.  They will always have a place in this heart right here. They are a lot of fun on or off stage, and they both have great personalities. It was great to have the opportunity to talk with them Hanah always kept me smiling and Hailee, just looking into her eyes melts your heart. Texas is lucky to have so much talent, and Hanah and Hailee are a part of that great talent. You can keep up with them on their Facebook pages, Facebook Hanah and Facebook Hailee.