Hannah Jones “Just Hannah”

Hannah Jones at stars2come





It is great to have the lovely Hannah Jones back again. Most people know her as, “Just Hannah”, but after seeing her perform live there is nothing, “Just” about her. This girl is incredible she is a artist that gives her all with her music. Hannah has many great songs that were recorded in the studio and this is where she has spent most of career so far. She has been getting out more lately doing live performances around Nashville and she is truly the, “real deal”. Hannah is real, meaning what you get from her studio recordings, is what you get live. It was amazing to listen to her in person, everything was exactly the same as the recordings. This is a talent that not all artists posses, many are great in the studio, but when it comes to live performances something is lost. You will not find this to be true for Hannah, she is one of the few that is, “real”.

Hannah has a lot of great things happening, and one of the big things that is coming up for her is a concert. On July 8TH she will be part of a concert being held at the Hard Rock Nashville. This concert will consist of some of the YouTube stars, The Command Sisters, Skylar Dayne, Emily Brooks, Mary Justice Lucas, and of coarse Hannah. This will be a fantastic time to go see Hannah live, she will not disappoint you in the least. Hannah says, it will be super fun, and really looking forward to it. She truly loves performing live.

Hannah is thrilled to say she will be having a CD coming out with all original songs in the near future. This CD is sure to launch her closer to stardom. It will be exciting to hear the CD, with Hannah’s great ability to deliver cover songs that will capture you, the originals will have to be amazing! Her great talent with music has taken her to a new level that she truly deserves. Hannah has recently been singed to, Tate Music Group out of Oklahoma. This will be a great thing for Hannah, it will allow her music to be heard by even more people around the country. Hannah has become a YouTube star, but this will take her stardom beyond the internet.

One great thing about Hannah is that she never fails to deliver awesome music to her fans. She has consistently brought many wonderful videos to her fans, and she says, there is another coming very soon and everyone will love it.

Hannah doesn’t know where this road she is on will take her, but she is ready for wherever it leads. She is unique in her vocals and who she is as a artist. This is what the industry looks for, someone different, this will give Hannah and edge over many. It has been a honor to meet Hannah, she is a amazing person with a bit of mystery to her, but there is “no” mystery in her talents. She is a artist that everyone will enjoy.