Hannah Richardson “Daydream”

Hannah Richardson at stars2come

Hannah Richardson has always been known for her big powerful voice, and everyone that hears her still listens in amazement. While Hannah is very skillful at singing, she is brilliant at writing as well. Hannah has grown a lot over the past couple of years as an artist, and the original songs she has been producing shows how gifted she really is. Hannah recently released a music video of her song, “Daydream”, and it’s sensational! Even though it relates to boys Hannah says it did not originate from her experience of daydreaming about boys. The idea came from school one semester last year. Every Friday in science they had a quiz, and they had about 30 minutes to take it. Most students finished in about 10 minutes and had to sit quietly until the others finished. Hannah noticed herself daydreaming as well as many of the other students. “I started writing some lyrics about daydreaming. I picked the universal subject of boys and it all came together” she said. Hannah wrote the lyrics and the music for Daydream, then used her computer to add instruments and layer it. She sent the song to Kit Worton who owns Right Touch Studios in Atlantic City for him to listen to. Then came recording day, they tweaked a few minor things, added more drums and tempo, and Daydream is now a hit.

Hannah’s video Daydream came out on the same day as her CD titled Daydreams, and has gotten a great response. In a few days after release the video had already reached over 12,000 views making it a new hit for Hannah. She feels the video put a visual story with the song, and feels the younger teen viewers of today will relate  and it will bring back memories for the older generation. Hannah says all the feedback  she has been getting have all been positive. Hannah not only wrote the song Daydream, but she also wrote the script for the video. After having the script, Hannah’s mom shot the video in a few different locations, but the scenes at the school were thought of later. Hannah gathered up some friends she worked with on a recent play and went to the school where her mom shot many video scenes. It took about 3 hours to do the filming that day. There were many scenes that were improvised such as, Sam when he was thrown in the locker. Everyone involved had great suggestions, and it all ended up being a lot of fun.   Hannah then took all the shots and did the editing herself, and now she has one amazing music video that everyone loves.

Songwriting is a great skill to have, and a must for many artists, and Hannah is proving herself to be an amazing writer. She has written several songs, some of which are on her CD Daydreams. On that CD is a song called, “Complicated” which was written to express how sometimes friendships can get complicated. In this particular case it is not letting others get in the way of a special friendship.  In creating the video for the song, Hannah came out of it with a new special friend. Hannah made the video for Complicated soon after moving to their new house and she didn’t have any friends yet. The other girl in the video is Emily who lives next door, Hannah met her and asked if she would be in the video, she said yes. The video turned out great and now Hannah has a new friend.

Hannah does  make a lot of great videos, and it is her brother Sam who is by her side in some of these. Sam is more of a sports person, but he is a very good actor. Hannah says he is hilarious. At first Sam was reluctant to be in the video, but she said if you offer him food he will do about anything. With all of that aside Sam is a talented actor and if he ever decided, he could go a long way in TV.

Hannah Richardson at stars2come  When listening to Hannah’s songs one cannot help, but notice that they all seem to be about boys. Hannah has been home schooled most of her life and has not been around boys or relationship situations yet, and attributes most of her inspiration from things like books. She reads a lot, enjoys watching classic movies and does theater, and they are all filled with different types of relationships.  Hannah has a journal that she writes in most every day, and when she looks back at what she wrote she finds usually themes. Some of those themes are all normal emotions that we all go through. She tends to be an optimist and writes about more positive things than negative. Wondering if Hannah had another CD coming? She said,  she has several ideas in the works for some new songs, but CD’s are expensive to make. When Hannah does make an album she goes in and does it all in 2 days, and for this she works hard to be fully prepared. Whenever her next CD does come out we will all be ready to buy a copy of our own.

Aside from her writing and videos, Hannah continues to perform regularly anywhere she can, and one of these places happens to be the world famous, Apollo Theater. Hannah has currently performed on stage there 11 times and it is magical for her every time. “Knowing that legends like Michael Jackson, Etta James, Stevie Wonder, Donna Sommer, James Brown, among other icons have performed there is inspiring” says Hannah. She speaks regularly with the music director there and he has been very supportive and a mentor. For the past two years Hannah has been invited to the Apollo Holiday Special. There are about 8 children 17 or younger from all around the US that are asked to perform in the holiday special. She says the talent she performs with is amazing. Outside of performing at the Apollo, she does get around pretty well. Since moving to State College, Pa. she has been very busy. It was just their second day there when her dad got her set up at an open mic night at a restaurant called, The Gambil Mill. Hannah has now become a regular around Penn State University sporting events. She has performed at the sold out Bryce Jorden Center, for basketball and wrestling matches as well as the new Pegula Ice Hockey arena . Hannah says having almost 20,000 screaming and cheering fans is thrilling.

Hannah has pretty much been involved with theater all her life and continues to perform in them even though it takes up a lot of time. Last year she was in 3 great plays, Annie, Beauty and the Beast, and Mid Summer Night’s Dream. Hannah has played many lead roles on stage, but recently she made her first lead on film. She got to play a disturbed girl with some major psychological issues. She said it had almost an Alfred Hitchcock feel to it. Hannah also says that the Penn State production was a blast and was featured in the annual Blue and White Film Festival.

Hannah also got to be in a competition called Centre Sings. This was a great experience for her and anyone could audition for the semi-finals. There were no age limits, and she made it to the finals and then on to be awarded first place. She said she went a little risky singing a Broadway number called, “I Want To Be A Rockette”. Hannah says it was a special night.

Currently Hannah is heading to Theater Arts Camp for three weeks in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. She says it might be her favorite three weeks every year. This will be her third year so she will not be a newbie anymore. There are no computers, cell phones just fresh air singing and dancing and building lifelong relationships. Hannah will also be going back to public school this year entering the 8th grade. She believes there will be some great adventures to come.

Hannah has always brought smiles to people’s faces for a longtime, and no doubt she will for many years to come. She has the talent to bring great music to anyone in the audience. She can perform anything from country, rock, pop, Broadway, you name it she can bring it. She often mixes genres in her performances leaving  no one untouched by her music. There are many more great things to come from Hannah and she is climbing high up on that mountain. It is going to be a thrill to see how high she can go. I say, “all” the way!