Hannah Richardson

 This adorable nine year old from Pennsylvania has one powerhouse of a voice , not only can she deliver a song but has an incredible range for her age. She has a good high range and her low side she can get a nice deep sound. Hannah is not just someone to listen to , she is someone that is a thrill to watch. She adds so much to her performance , an exceptional entertainer. She puts all she has into every song and she adds a bit of acting to most videos everything fitting so perfectly together. All this comes natural to her , just like Shirley Temple one of the all time great child stars, she also had the natural ability to put acting with singing and it came out beautifully.  I think her destiny is live on Broadway.

 I know for myself I had a hard time believing what I was hearing , such control and energy that comes out when she sings. Many people can not achieve this after years of training , and Hannah has only been singing for three years. She has already been in over one hundred live performances. She has appeared on TV on several occasions a couple was, last Christmas season she was featured on NBC-25 , Fox 5 in Washington DC with Holly Morris, she was also featured on ” Out and About ” With Chuck Rhodes on ABC-27 . Later in 2010 the director of 3ABN television contacted her after seeing her sing on YouTube the song Dreams to Dream , which this song had won her the Golden Ticket for America`s Got Talent . The director invited her to come and sing for their Kidspraisetime Show which is an Internationally televised award winning show. On the show she sang ten Christian songs, but the air date has not yet been set. The same director contacted her again to appear on their Story Time show this fall , she was also asked to do a DVD singing Christian songs that will be marketed and sold internationally and to sing for their Christmas Live concert this holiday season , this will be aired Internationally as well.

 Hannah has won the Franklin County Fair vocal contest two years in a row and has won many other local contests. This is not surprising , Hannah performs her songs brilliantly and for something that just comes naturally it`s completely amazing. For me finding people this young and can perform so well is a big thrill there just doesn’t seem to be a limit on the age at which remarkable talent is found. Hannah has done very well with developing her own sound and style. This is an important thing , being different from the rest allows the person to stand out and Hannah certainly does. Only about two years ago did she begin taking vocal lessons , her vocal coach is Sal Dupree from New Jersey. Hannah was indeed very fortunate about getting Sal for a coach , he is well sot after. I believe how ever Hannah`s destiny is live on stage , perhaps Broadway. She has the charm and the elegance to go along with her power and expression she puts into her performances. Hannah has her own unique way of telling the story in a song. She is currently looking to audition for the role of Annie. Annie is a fantastic and timeless classic much like Billy Elliot and Oliver. I think Hannah would be a great Annie she has everything it takes and the imagination that could transform herself to be the best Annie ever. Once you watch some of her videos you will see how well her imagination takes her into the story , from her expression to her clothes she wears , everything fits to the song she sings and the story with-in. I can see her name in lights now. The support she has just may get her there. The support that comes from her parents is overwhelming , to try and give Hannah the chance to live her dream. They have already put up their house for sale in order to move her closer to New York and closer to Hannah`s dream. Perhaps moving closer to Broadway they just might find the right management she needs to get her name in lights. This is true devotion and dedication on her parents part. One of her parent`s dreams is that Hannah will be a big star someday and be a great humanitarian , giving back to those in need. What a wonderful dream…….