Heather Janssen


   Here is a young lady with a pretty voice,_ Heather Janssen , fifteen years old , and lives in Ontario, Canada. Above is her singing ” Like I Mean Something ” an original song by Heather.  It was written for a Justin Bieber song writing contest. I feel she done a remarkable job on it.

   Heather writes a lot of songs and that she gets her inspiration from life experiences , good things , bad , boys . When something happens she just locks herself in her room and starts writing. Heather writes from the heart ” she says ” she wants her music to mean something,  to who ever hears it. ( I believe she is achieving that ).  Hearther`s dad taught her the basics on the guitar and the rest she has , taught herself.  She likes to try new styles and songs to help improve her guitar skills. 

   Heather has always done talent shows , coffee houses ,and Christmas concerts at church and school. But this past January “she said”  she got to open for a hot new boy band called  ” WOW  ”  ( which is signed by Justin Bieber’s agent ).  It was in Toronto at the MOD club and she got to play two of her original songs one was ” My Heart ” ( below ) .

   The consert was a great experience for Heather she got to talk with the members of the band WOW , industry people,  made new friends and fans.  Most importantly “she said” was she got to perform which is something she loves to do ( and it shows ) .  Heather is also doing a contest which will be aired on TV ,, on YTV,  Nickelodean the contest is called The Next Star. Heather hopes to make it to the top six,,  then she will get to perform along side some great musicians and make a difference with her music.   I believe she will make a difference she puts a lot into writing her music and you can tell in what she writes that she really does care. Heather has a lot of determination and has a great attitude when it comes to music and others,  with all of this she is sure to make a big impact in the music world…You can visit Heather at her channel and when you do please say hi she is a super nice person …Thanks Heather