Henry Black

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If your ever in Florida, and feel the ground shaking, don’t  worry it`s  just Henry cranking out some great vibes. This guy can really throw down on a guitar, and he keeps Florida rockin. Henry is someone that has been born with a gift. He has picked up on music and taken off like there is no tomorrow.

Henry is fourteen years old, and he plays like he has been doing it for thirty years, but the truth is he has been playing barely two years. What Henry does is amazing. Henry got a guitar when he was about six, but he never really took to it until about twelve years old.  He went to a rock camp and loved the cooperation and process of playing with others. He started going to blues jams around town, and loved them wanting to go to everyone. Henry really loves the sound of BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters and Stevie ray Vaughn.

He was playing with a garage band one day when an alternative rock band heard him, and put him on guitar. Henry was thirteen when he had his first show with them, and opened for Lifehouse to a crowd of 4,000 people. To be his first show he was not a bit nervous. He has moved on now performing with his own band, Sound Express.  He has been practicing seriously for the past several months, and it sure does show. Henry wrote their first single when he was thirteen “Broken”, and it is brilliant! They made a video from this and it has made a major impact. Planet Hollywood has now pick it up and is now playing it in all their locations, nationally, and international. Henry is just talented all the way through, from his guitar playing to writing his own music and lyrics. It is amazing how far he has come in this short time. The only thing you can say is that he was born to play music, and everyone loves it.  Henry loves to perform and likes when he sees people enjoying and getting into his music. Music is Henry`s passion and plans to do this for the rest of his life. All of this was inspired by the sound of classic blues, and then after seeing The Black Keys live, that just set him on a roll. Henry is wound up and ready to go, he already has music recorded and ready to go. If you are around Florida and Henry is playing be sure to stop and check him out. This guy will be a major superstar one day soon.