Hillary Reese






 Down in Mississippi there’s a brand new voice that is getting attention from many people. This young lady has a sound of her own and everyone loves it. You can bet when she starts to sing, even the gators crawl out and listens swaying their tail.The person behind this wonderful new voice is ten year old, Hillary Reese. Hillary has a natural talent when it comes to singing, and likability. This is very evident with the huge number of views on her videos on Facebook. With over a million views, she has certainly become an internet sensation. 

 Hillary has a gift for delivering a song in a way to keep the attention of those who are listening. Unfortunately not everyone who sings has this gift, and those who do are rewarded through a growing fan base that’s loyal. And her’s is growing fast. She carries the same musical traits as LeAnn Rimes and Tanya Tucker who were the youngest stars of  Country Music at the age of thirteen. If Hillary makes it to Nashville, she just may find herself along side LeAnn and Tanya as one of the youngest stars of Country. At just ten years old and singing the way she does, it could happen. All it takes is one song to blow people away, and Hillary has the abilities to make it happen.    

 Like many people who love to sing, Hillary tried out for choir. Unfortunately she didn’t make it, and of course she was devastated. Her mom told her she had a different kind of voice, a stand out voice, and her mom was absolutely right. The choir, did miss out on a diamond. A day will come  when Hillary will be standing tall on a stage in a sold out arena with a team of vocalists singing back up to her. 

 At eight years of age, Hillary began to take vocal lessons, and they had her sing along with other performers who were taking lessons too. This was at a place in Ocean Springs called, The Shed. It was a rough start at first for her. The first song she tried to sing, she was so nervous she forgot the words. Hillary was very upset over this. “After the song I went to the bathroom and cried because I was mad and embarrassed” said Hillary.  But after a little time she dried up the tears and went back out and sang it perfectly. The song she was working on was Carrie Underwood’s, Before He Cheats. Hillary was so proud of herself for accomplishing this, that she knew then and there what she wanted to do from now on. 

 Hillary makes videos for the internet for people to see and hear her, but she also enjoys singing live. One of her favorite places to perform live was at The Harbor Lights. This was a favorite for her because her best friend was singing there too. “It was a beautiful atmosphere”, says Hillary.

 Singing and making people happy is who she is and is what helps to drive her. One person she always loves to cover and look up to is Carrie Underwood. Before He Cheats is a favorite song of Hillary’s. Hillary hopes to one day sit in the same area at the CMA awards as Carrie. With her drive she could make it happen. 

 Hillary doesn’t write songs yet, but she has co-written one. She says it is her brother Parker who is the songwriter of the family. Hillary says he is big into playing the sax, piano, writing music and lyrics. “He is an unbelievable talented musician” says Hillary. 

 Currently she is looking forward to doing another cover and video, as well as audition for America’s Got Talent. You can bet they will love her. 

 After listening to Hillary it’s hard to think of her doing anything other than singing. It is evident that she was born to sing. There’s something about her that makes you want to keep listening, just hearing her once is not enough. No one knows for sure what the future holds, but it looks to be very bright for Hillary. Who knows, maybe Hillary and Carrie will be on stage together accepting an award for their duet. Things do have a way of happening. “I believe if you put God first everything else will work out” says Hillary. She is so right!