Hollis Long

Hollis Long





Hollis is a wonderful artist who is literally taking her unique voice from coast to coast. You can catch this great artist in NY one week and LA the next, she aims to get her music heard and she is doing just that. Hollis has that great uniqueness to her the same as Janis Joplin and she just might capture the music world the same as Janis and be loved by millions.

When Hollis was younger she sang  for the National Children’s Choir and has performed in numerous professional theater productions throughout Connecticut and NY. She started singing at open mics and doing her own gigs when she was about thirteen, when she taught herself how to play the guitar and write her own songs.

Hollis has done many great performances in theater as well as a singer/songwriter. In musical theater one of her favorite performances was when she played Mary in Secret Garden. She loved this production because the music was so complex and intriguing, as well as loving the story and message. As a singer she really loved the Fusion Music Festival because there were five stages filled with young performers blending all types of music genres. She said it was a great way to meet other young artists that loved doing what she loved. Hollis has found herself on the local news for interviews and singing when she was promoting various musicals she was in. She has also won two National Best Young Actress Awards, for the National Youth Theater & The Broadway World Awards in 2012.

When it comes to performing Hollis loves to transform a song and make it into her own. She really likes putting her own personal touches to a song and watching the audience reactions. She says she pours her heart and energy into every performance and it is a really cool feeling when she can feel an audience’s energy too. She also says once you feel an audience’s energy it becomes addictive wanting it over and over. She wants people to connect and relate to her music on a personal level, and hopes to support herself with her music someday. This is a goal that has a great potential to become reality, and that amazing voice is going to make it happen.

Hollis does perform many covers from The Beatles to Jason Mraz and would make them all proud, but she is also a great writer herself and plans to capture the audiences with her own stories. She has already completed over 30 songs with a few still hanging uncompleted like most writers do. She has discovered that four of the songs, she has a special connection to. She said she is not sure why, but she has a hard time trying to define why in words, but they are about someone specific in her life and not just an idea like others. When she writes she gets a tune in her head on piano, guitar or ukulele. She becomes obsessed with the tune; it may take her a while, but then she will figure out a melody, then at some point an inspiration comes along that fits perfectly with that tune.

Hollis has a lot of great things coming up; she is currently working with a great publisher to get her songs published. She will also be performing at Fusion Music Festival again in November and NAMM in January. She also has many gigs in between these two major performances. There are always places and times to catch Hollis, she is performing at least 2 to 3 times per week in LA or NY, so don’t miss her.

For Hollis music just makes her happy, but she does not leave out the more important things is life such as her family. Her family is the most important thing in the world to her. She said that she is often told she needs to tap into some more “girly” things because she is such a tomboy. She loves to ski, hike, camp, fish, etc. She says if it is in the woods and surrounded by mud, her, her dad and brother will be all over it. Tomboy or not she makes some great music, and her unique voice adds so much character to everything she sings making it stand out. She is truly an awesome singer/songwriter.