Holly Brand

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After running into Holly for the first time during the taping of the TV show Nashville Spotlight, it only took a few notes to hear that she is someone special. She has a voice that was made for traditional country, and every classic song she sings, she breathes new life into them all. Holly might be a fantastic traditional singer, but that voice of her’s gives more flavor to any new country she sings. One of her favorite artists she likes to cover is, Martina McBride and if Martina ever heard her, she would be so proud to have Holly singing her songs. She loves all the emotion that Martina puts in many of her songs, and believes that Martina’s range fits her very well. All the emotion that Holly puts in her songs may have developed from having such a great interest in Martina, and Holly can really get the emotion in her songs.

Holly started off her journey at six years old singing in talent competitions. It was not long before her wonderful voice took her to bigger and better places. In 2010 Blake Shelton had a concert in Holly’s hometown and she got to open for him. This was exciting for her. She had also opened for another artist prior to Blake, in 2009 James Otto was in concert and she opened for him as well. Holly has also won many awards from local, state and national competitions. These competitions has gained her coverage from her local news channel, with several interviews.

She hopes to one day to be featured on the Grand Ole Opry, and with her talent you can bet she will get there. She continues to expand her artistry and part of this expansion is songwriting. Holly has recently started writing her own songs , and so far has about five written. She said, she was not sure where the ideas come from, they just come to her. Sometimes the songs that  just pop up turn out to be the ones that go to #1 on the charts.  Holly wants people to know her for her music, and she has the abilities for that to happen, and it already is. Everywhere Holly goes to perform she leaves a lasting memory.