Ian and Graham

ian and graham at stars2come

 Here is something that you just don`t see everyday, a twin duo, that are awesome!  I would like you to meet Ian and Graham,  these guys are going to cause the whole country to stop and listen, all eyes and hears are going to be on this twin duo. For the time being the most famous twin duo is, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, but once LA gets a hold of these two, they will be saying, Dylan and Cole who? 

 Ian and Graham are eleven years old, but soon will be turning  twelve on November 4th, this duo is lives in, San Fransisco, California. They began to sing a little together at about age three, but didn`t really get into it until, age seven when they got a, DJ Box, this had lots of musical rhythms and patterns, that they wrote songs to. Graham usually sang lead, and Ian would sing back-up, then about age nine they figured out harmony. They don`t just look a like, but their voices are almost identical, giving them the most amazing harmony that, I have ever heard in music. Graham says, they have always worked out the harmonies on their own, but learned some helpful voice exercises from, Natalia Bortolotti.


ian and graham at stars2come

 Ian and Graham started about age seven playing the guitar. Ian says, that they wanted to play a real instrument instead of just the DJ Box. They had acustic guitars, and took group lessons for one summer. Then at age seven, for their birthday, they got electric Fender guitars, and switched to private lessons for about two years.

 Now with their awesome voices and guitar playing they have been tearing up the competitions and performing all over California. Their largest competition was in a national songwriting competition, where they were in the top ten finalists. They performed at the Hollywood House of Blues, opening for Mick Fleetwood during Grammy Week 2010. They have won several performance awards at, West Coast Songwriters competitions and at local talent shows. Under their former band name, Prove It , they brought along a drummer, and won an award, at a local battle of the bands, winning against people much older than them. When it comes to performing, they got serious about it at age ten, that is when they joined the, West Coast Songwriters, they were the youngest members. With them, they appeared at the, Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, and other venues in the San Fransisco Bat area.

ian and graham at stars2come

 Ian and Graham are no strangers of TV either, under their former name, Prove It, they had their own thirty minute feature on the, American Songwriter show, on cable access last year.

 This duo writes their own songs, but unlike most who takes experiences in their lives to write them, Ian and Graham`s ideas are straight from their imagination. After writing a few songs with their DJ Box, they wrote several other songs once they started the guitar, which were pop-rock songs. When they write, they start with the cord progression first on the keyboard or guitar. After that, they work together to come up with a melody, and lyrics, all of this coming from their imagination. These two, certainly have a very good imagination the songs they produce are awesome.

 When they are not performing, they like to just jam on their guitars, sing, play bass, and keyboards. They do like to play baseball and football, plus they are big fans of the, Giants. The two of them are triva buffs, they like to read facts on just about anything. I asked them how people can tell them apart, and Ian says, Graham, is just a bit taller than he is, but at school, they wear some really cool shades that are different styles. Ian will usually take the high end of their harmonies and Graham the low, but Ian says, he is the best on guitar, no, Graham says, he is the best, (well you decide).

 I ask what they would like people to know about them, and here is what Graham said:

GRAHAM: We appreciate all kinds of music, from jazz to hip-hop, but we’re most inspired by classic rock bands like the Beatles and Pink Floyd. Those are our favorite bands that we think everyone of any age should be exposed to. Our dream is to someday make an album (on vinyl!) like they did in the ’60s and early ’70s, focusing more on great melodies and progressions than on technical perfection with voices and instruments in absolutely perfect tune. Listen to the Stones’ Exile on Main Street and you’ll know what we’re talking about!

 Ian and Graham, with their fabulous imagination, the world is going to be enjoying their music for a long time to come. With them, no one can say, they sound like someone else, because there is not anyone to compare them to, they are unique all the way through, and being so unique, they will be around for a very long time.