Isaac Cole

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Isaac is someone who was truly blessed with the gift of inspirational country music in his blood. This fine young man with Jesus in his heart is setting out to bring joy to the hearts of others with his great voice and music of inspiration. All anyone has to do is listen to Isaac onetime, and they will gain great peace and joy. He can even make the coldest heart  melt away. Isaac is a great addition to inspirational country, and has an amazing career ahead of him.

In 2004 in his home church is where he began. This was his debut public performance at the age of four. For his first performance he sang, Long Black Train. From here he has filled the hearts of many with his music.

Nashville has become a fan of Isaac, he has performed for the Inspirational Country Music Awards there for the past two years. He loves performing here because he gets to perform his music in front of all the inspirational country artists from across the country. This past May he got to sing with his mentor Tommy Brandt at the Nashville Cowboy Church.

He is gaining a great deal of recognition from the music industry. At the 18th annual ICM Awards this past October he received the 2012 Youth in Music award. Also at the awards show he was a presenter and was aired on many Christian Television Networks.  In November he received the New Artist of the Year award from the Artists Music Guild. He also received third place in his local Texaco Country Showdown this past June.  Isaac has also been interviewed and sang on a local Christian Cable channel, (Family Life) in Kittanning, Pennsylvania.

When Isaac is covering songs, he loves to cover the inspirational country artist, Tommy Brandt. He was the one that first inspired Isaac to do what he is doing now. Tommy continues to mentor and guide Isaac along his career. Isaac loves to perform, and what he enjoys most is the whole experience of performing, not just singing. He loves the adrenaline rush of being in front of a crowd or audience. He hopes to be able to make a singing career out of what he is doing. He says if God continues to bless him with the opportunities to make that happen it would fulfill his lifelong dream.

Isaac has been trying to write some songs of his own, but he says that it does not come easy, but he has co-written a song with Tommy. The song they wrote together is called, “God’s A Country Boy Too” this  is also the title track for his up and coming CD. This song is special for him because he got to write it with his mentor Tommy and he was able to personalize the song to connect with his hometown.

Isaac has a lot of great things coming up in this new year. He just found out he was nominated for Rising Star for this year’s King Country Agape Fest in Texas this coming June. He will also be releasing his new single “Faster Than A Tear Drops” in March from his debut CD “Country Boy”.

Isaac is a great performer, but he is just a normal fun-loving kid who loves the country life. He loves to hunt, fish, ride quads, and hang out with friends. Of course he does love to play guitar and sing, and he is extremely talented at them both. Inspirational country music, now has an outstanding new artist that will bring great inspiration to many people.