J.R. Fondessy

JR Fondessy at stars2come JR, is one awesome ten year old. He doesn`t quite follow along with most people, he believes in doing his own thing. His music is very refreshing, performing songs that most, now don`t even think about, and being unique is a very good thing. There is another thing that stands out about JR, and that is, he has a blast performing, and you don`t even have to watch the video to notice it, you only need to listen. The attitude and expressions he puts into his performances are outstanding.

 JR started singing to audieneces at about six years old. About a year ago he began vocal training with Gerry Williams, and his vocals are awesome. He has great control, and the tone is fabulous. At age six he began with theater and singing in talent showcases. This early start shows very well in his stage presence, it is like, he has been doing this for many years. He is not one bit afraid on stage, it`s the most comfortable place for him to be. One of the places he performed, that he really enjoyed was at a Holiday talent showcase, where he sang “Jingle Bell Rock”. The audience was great, he says. When he was eight years old, he got ot perform “Blue Suede Shoes” with a professional band at an amateur rock concert. JR has been in several showcases and he loves the audience`s participation.


Jr Fondessy at stars2come

 JR will be performing in his first competition in November, and he has one of the best attitudes concerning competitions there is, for JR, it is not about competing, he just wants to have fun, and enjoy the moment. He has not started writing his own songs yet, but he says, he has a lot of ideas and may start writing them down with the help of his vocal coach. With the way JR looks at performing, life, and his laid back attitude, he should have some fantastic songs of his own once he begins to write. He does have some great people for inspiration, Elvis and Michael Buble, he also enjoys many different kinds of music, such as, country, R&B, jazz,and some current pop songs. With such an open mind when it comes to music, this will give him an edge when entertaining, he will have so much matterial to choose from, that his fans are going to have quite a treat.

 JR is not a stranger when it comes to TV, although he has not been on TV to sing “yet” , how ever he is a professional voice over talent and jingle singer. His resume consists of a wide range of projects from, E-learning courses where he plays an animated character, to regional and national commercials, web spots, and narrations.

 JR has a great out look when it comes to his goal in life, he says, that God gave him a voice that people seem to like to listen to, and believes that he is meant to use his voice to make people happy. He also wants to sing and act, and soon he will get to do both, he will be in a short film called Billy`s Angel. He will be playing Billy and is recording the song “I Can Only Imagine” for the end of the movie. JR also enjoyed making the video of Jailhouse Rock, and hopes to make more. JR, how ever is pretty much just a normal kid, who likes to have fun. He is quiet at first and don`t like a lot of attention, unless it is on stage. Well if on stage is where he likes the attention, he will be getting plenty of it, every where he goes people are going to love him. His mom believes, he will do very well in what ever he chooses to do in life, and that he is never unsettled by missing out on something he has auditioned for, he is confident and never takes it personal. The way JR thinks about everything is going to make him a great star one day, for him the most important thing is having fun with what he does, and if he is having fun then, that will translate back to the audience, making JR a hit where ever he goes.