J Rose “A True Inspiration”

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J Rose “Feelin’ Good”





One of the happiest girls in the world today is, J Rose and she lets some of this happiness shine through in her new song, “Feelin’ Good”. This is a wonderful song that will make anyone, feel good. J Rose is a great songwriter, one that everything comes from the heart and what she feels, and this is where, “Feelin’ Good” comes from. J Rose says she just feels so happy inside and she just loves life and is so grateful for all the great things that keeps coming her way, and this is what inspired the song.  She hopes that it makes others happy too. Hal Ratliff wrote the music to her melody and Andrew Lane produced the song. It really is a great song to make you feel good, and everyone involved truly made it a fun song to listen to. She has always been a person to write about things that she truly cares about in her life, and one of these was a song for her mom. It was getting close to Mother’s Day and she want to do something special for her to show the love she has for her mom, and it is simply titled, “Mom”. J Rose’s mom is a very lucky lady.

J has done a lot of great things with music solo, but she has recently been working along with Mike Burke. Mike is a singer/songwriter himself and together they wrote a song called, “Live in Love”. She has really enjoyed working with Mike and performing their song all around LA. J ran into Mike at the American Music Awards in 2011. He does a lot to help the homeless and J wanted to do something for the homeless as well, so they decided to write a song together that might inspire people to remember that we all have a story and we all need each other. Working with Mike has been awesome for J. She says he is funny and has a big heart and is one of the best singers there is.

She has a lot of great things coming up in music, she will performing around Malibu at various events this coming year. J will be doing a four song set at the House of Blues in West Hollywood in December. Also she will be doing a six song set of Christmas songs for Olive View Hospital, plus a brand new song coming out very soon.

J Rose at stars2come   When entering the world of entertainment you never know for sure when or if any opportunities will come your way. For J Rose she has been blessed with many great opportunities, and is very deserving of them. This year she has been working on some TV projects. One of  these projects was working at the CBS Studios, she worked from January to October on Dyan Cannon’s show, “Get Your Luv On”. They just wrapped on this project and now Dyan will be pitching it to the networks. Over the past ten months she has gotten to know Dyan and she has been very supportive of J and has helped her grow as a potential artist. Dyan even went to J’s house for dinner and interviewed her and her whole family. J said, she had so much fun and she will never forget that.  J also created a sitcom show that two producers took on and had her star in it. She said it was the most amazing experience! She got to be part of the script writing, the casting of the actors, did a voice over, and wrote and sang the title sequence. She has been working with multi-platnum producer Andrew Lane and writer, director Marvin Williams who has partnered with her in getting her show produced and out to the networks.

J has met a lot of great people that has been helping her along the way in her journey, and she appreciates each and everyone. This past year she has worked with Andrew Lane on her music and has been an incredible experience for her and he holds a special place in her heart. Marvin Williams has been a big help and continues to be a mentor, supporter, and a creative partner. She has also had the pleasure of working with musician Johnathan Meenk on a special project that he thought she was right for. She has met and now working with Aria Johnson who is helping her develop vocally and performance and is also guiding her in the business. She has met so many wonderful people in the field that has reached out to help her, and they couldn’t have picked a better person than J Rose.

J has come a long way in her life, and has had many wonderful things happen, and done more than most. A lot of the achievements that she has made, is because of people reaching out to her, and her reaching out to others. Probably one of the biggest achievements she has made is the success of her program, Cuddle Bags.  She wanted a way to help foster kids who have been taken out of their homes and put into foster care. So she came up with the idea of Cuddle Bags so the kids would have something of their own to take with them, things that would give them comfort, and supplies.  There is no one that knows just how important this is to kids than J being adopted herself. J Rose has a unique knowledge that many of us will never know of  just how important even small things are. She is always reaching out to help others whether it is with Cuddle Bags, charity events or a song. Her experiences in life, the belief in herself, and the love and support of her family has made her who she is today. J Rose is, A True Inspiration!