Jack Vidgen


jack vidgen at stars2come

 Jack is another powerful voice coming from Australia and he is working to take his place among the many great artists coming out of Australia such as , Cody Simpson. The voice Jack has is sure to put him there,_ it is magnificent. Listening to him sing I can`t find a flat place any where in his songs. His range is very impressive he don`t seem to have any problem when reaching for those high notes and the tone he has really complements his music.

 Jack is making great progress at achieving his dream. Jack started singing at about three years old and has not stopped. His first actual performance was at Northern Beaches Eisteddfod in 2008. That was his first competition and ”  he says ” he was very nervous. Last year at the Eisteddfod he won first place in the section ,( contemporary up tempo ) with the song ” I`m Yours ” . Jack`s school is apart of Northern Beaches Secondary College and all the schools come together to perform a huge concert which makes up Northern Beaches Eisteddfod and this year he won first place in the section ( Junior Championship ).  At the moment he doesn`t have any where that he performs on a regular basis , most of his performances are school and community concerts. ( With the way he sounds he will be performing regular soon) . He did audition recently for a recording session for a musical and got it.  He recorded a song called ” Slipping Away ” this was done for a man that is putting together a big musical for Hong Kong.

Jack Vidgen at stars2come

 Jack has also been on TV a couple times with the choir he is with called Out of the Blue which they appeared on a TV show called Battle of the Choirs. How ever he was not competeing in this competition he was backing Australian singer Amy Pearson on the Grand Final of the show.

 Jack loves to sing soul , older R&B , Motown and bluesy stuff. He wants the songs he sings to have a meaning and he also just loves to have fun with a song. He has such a great attitude about his music and understanding of what great music is. Jack has another great passion besides music and that is cooking he really loves to cook. He loves concerts and messing around with the computer. He has had piano lessons but he pretty much just teaches himself. With all these great interests he is becoming a well rounded person ( not clinging to just one thing leads to a more full filled life ).  I am sure that with the talents that he has ,  he will have a wonderful life. With a lot of hard work he will make his dreams come true and he is well on his way. Most recent he was chosen to the Sydney School Spectacular as the featured artist ( what a outstanding honor ) and he had a third call back and if this goes through he will be sing at Entertainment Centre Solo in front of 10,000 people. I know if he gets to do this the people are going to fall out of their chairs with amazement when they hear his powerful voice. I know for myself I had a hard time believing what I was hearing , he is just awesome and I highly recommend visiting him at his channel . With so many boys getting snatched up by record labels it would not surprise me if becomes one of these , with a voice like his they would be crazy not to…..