Jackie Evancho ” The 8TH Wonder “

Jackie Evancho at stars2come Jackie this amazing little girl is not only capturing the hearts of America , but the world!  and every time with a performance more spectacular than the last. This time singing ” Time to Say Goodbye ” a powerful and emotional song. One can only ask. How is this possible?  With a girl so small and only been singing for about two years can have so much power and precession to perform such songs.  The gift that Jackie posses has to be heaven-sent in order to have a voice at this age and the ability to make the listeners feel the joy and the emotions well-up inside and to never want it to end.  Howie is correct , there is no word that can truly describe Jackie , there is none , with enough meaning.

 Her performance was a wondrous and beautiful thing , like watching a rose opening. You are waiting in, aw the pedals partially open , then moves a bit  with the breeze and ever so slightly it begins to open more taking your breath away , with each little bit. Then! a bright ray of sunshine hits the rose and bursts open with all the beauty one can imagine , with the dew glimmering around the edges. Jackie was just like this rose. At first just hearing a small bit of the beauty gradually opening a bit more ,  the excitement growing inside you. Then all of a sudden the heavens opened up with all its glory lighting the stage , her golden hair glistening in the light. Her voice burst forth and with the sound of a dozen angles behind her in song,   sending shimmer’s through your body. Jackie standing on a pedestal , her the lead angel ,and you marveling at the beauty and wondrous sound coming from this child. Now with the light upon her , she shines like the brightest star in the sky.

Jackie`s  journey now continues to bring us more beautiful music and wonder , and not just next week , for this is just the beginning of her journey.  People has always talked about the seven wonders of the world and their beauty , but there is no longer seven wonders , now there is eight. A small child in Pennsylvania who goes by the name of Jackie Evancho is now!  the eighth wonder……..