Jackson Odell

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Jackson Odell an actor and singer. He has one fantastic voice, with a great tone. He is always clean and clear with his music, this is  probably why his songs he sings are so addictive. His presence on camera is amazing, maybe it is the actor inside him that gives him the ability to put all the expressions in the songs he sings, both vocally and facial.

Jackson has been singing pretty much ever since he could talk, but his first real break came after joining the Colorado Children`s Chorale. Here he performed with the Colorado`s Symphony Orchestra, and got to sing with other great performers like, Natalie Cole and Michael McDonald. They even got to perform for the Governor and went on a world tour getting to perform with some amazing people along the way. Then about a year ago he picked up the guitar, and this fits so very well with his vocals it compliments him very well. He has picked up on it easily and quickly, this is due to his years of playing the piano, so the guitar along with other instruments came easy. One of his greatest experiences how ever came from his trip to China in November 2010. In China he sang in front of a live audience of 1000 people, and the show was seen by over 300 million viewers there. He said, that things got a bit crazy with everyone wanting to touch him, chasing him to the dressing room and car, but it was awesome at the same time. As crazy as all this was it might just get crazier so he progresses to the next level and he is working on that now. He is also into songwriting, and this is what propels you to the next level. He really enjoys writing doing this he gets to collaborate with other writers and musicians. He says, it is awesome to be apart of that experience, when a song comes together you can feel it.



Jackson Odell at stars2come

Jackson is great at vocals, but he is just as good as an actor. He started his acting career when he was about ten years old. At the Colorado Children`s Chorale they had coaches to learn how to perform on stage, this was a big help for him. He moved on and took up some acting classes, the teacher here knew some agents and managers, and they came out to see the kids. Soon after the visit his parents got a call and wanted to sign him. After this he has gone no where but up. He has now been on several TV shows. He said, being on Modern Family rocked because the cast was so amazing.  Another cool experience he had was working with Tracy Ullman and they hung out a lot during filming. He also liked doing some Disney stuff which he says, was a lot of fun. This summer you can look for him in the upcoming movie Judy Moody. This is his first big movie, but you can also catch him in the movie Not Bummer Summer, which will also be in the theaters this summer.

Jackson really loves acting and sing, there is nothing he would rather do. When acting he gets to be someone else, and to have that experience is just amazing for him. It is the thrill of being able to say and do things that you might never do in real life. When it comes to music he loves the process when making music. It is an awesome feeling going into the studio and just start jamming, and writing songs. There is something about music that can really affect people, and it is truly awesome. When it comes to music he likes it all from country, to rock, to jazz, with over 11,000 songs on his ipod. His main goal is to keep getting better at everything he does so he can keep doing what he loves, and to win a Grammy before he is twenty one. With as much fun as Jackson has with acting and music, he is certain to reach his goal. You can count on more great stuff coming from him soon. He has a great sound and attitude that will take him to the top.