Jada Facer


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Jada Facer is one of the most adorable girls you will see. Just one look at her, and she will brighten your day with that glow she has, and that big beautiful smile.  When performing she always has that wonderful smile all the way through, making for no mistake about how much she enjoys singing. Jada at just ten years old has her first music video, “Till You Find Me”, and it is amazing. She did a spectacular job with the video, and she sang the song brilliantly. This is one girl that is talented beyond her years.

Jada is so cute, at age three is when she fell in love with singing and Shirley Temple. You couldn`t ask for a better combination. Her very first public performance came at six years old at a local fair. Jada loves to perform, but it is even more special when she gets to perform for her grandpa, just in his living room. Jada has not been one to do much with competitions, but she did enter one. This was a National Family Singing Competition, and she was the only soloist, and won third place when she was eight years old.

Jada gets her inspiration from some great artists like, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and the Beatles. The Beatles is  who she plays on guitar and piano the most, but she thinks that Taylor and Carrie are amazing songwriters and artists. Jada says, that Selena is a great role model because she does singing and acting.  Jada loves this as well. She is just starting to learn to write songs, but she did write one for her brother for his birthday. She said, it was really neat to give him.

Jada is a little girl with big dreams, and she is well on her way to getting there. This Christmas, don`t leave the house because you are not going to want to miss Jada Facer co-starring in “Loves Christmas Journey” . This new Christmas movie will air this coming Christmas on the Hallmark Channel, and you know Jada will put on an amazing performance.

Her song “Till You Find Me”, is about Cinderella, and a Knight in shining  armor, but when you break it down it also tells a bit of Jada`s story as well. In the song is says “Just wait your day will come”. This holds true, for Jada`s day is coming with a new movie coming out along with another amazing video. Her day is just around the corner. “As perfect as can be”, is just what Jada is, on screen or behind a mic. “Enchanting as it seems”, is so true. When watching her videos or demo reels it is enchanting, the glow she has just captures you and takes you into her world. “Things change”, and she is doing just that. She is changing into a beautiful new star. “Don`t wait too long until” you find her, because you do not want to miss this rising star. Jada`s dreams are coming true, but her main goal she says is, “To stay happy!!”. You couldn`t ask for anything more than to be happy.