Jade Burke

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Jade is a beautifully talented girl from the UK. This girl really digs deep for those power notes and hits everyone perfectly. When watching her perform you can see clearly that she is serious about her music and wants it to be the best. It is great  to see a performer taking what they do serious, it shows in their songs, and that they truly, “want it”!

The great gift Jade has for singing almost went unnoticed, it was discovered basically by accident. In 2009 her teacher was involved in a competition called, Quest4Talent. This is a local competition held by the Rotary Club raising money for Polio. The teacher asked the class if anyone would be interested in participating in it, and most of the class took an application for it, including Jade. After watching BGT one night and seeing a great dog act, she thought that would be her act for the show.  Jade worked with her dog Jake for months and just one week from the audition the dog still had only learned to sit. She didn’t know what she was going to do! Jade at first thought about not showing up for the audition, then she heard “Mercy” by Duffy on the radio, so she began to sing along with it, then her dad said, “why don’t you sing Mercy for your audition”. Jade went to the audition very nervous and shaking. She said she could barely sing in front of her parents, so she didn’t know how she was going to do it, but Jade stood in front of the judges and sang her song. After it was over she could finally relax and hear their constructive criticism. About a week later her mom got a call from the Quest4Talent organizer saying that she had earned a place in the semi-finals. Jade ended up getting all the way through to the final in the Paisley Town Hall in front of about 500 people. Jade didn’t win anything, but the standard was so high that it did not matter and she loved what she was doing. Thanks to a dog that was unable to learn a few tricks, we all can now enjoy the wonderful music that Jade brings. It could be that the dog didn’t want anyone to know what tricks it could do, but preferred to let everyone hear the grand trick that Jade could do, and that is sing.

Since her first taste of performing for Quest4Talent, she has gone on to perform all over the area doing charities and many other events. One of the performances that Jade gave was in front of Carrie and David Grant at the BBC studios. Another great performance was at the Open Mic UK area finals at The Willows, Manchester when she was nine (youngest in Scotland at the time), and her description for this was simply, brilliant! More recently here in 2012 she loved performing at Model Scotland’s STMAC (Scotland’s Top Makeup Artist Competition) held in the Crown Plaza. This was a very plush venue and there were a lot of very important people there in the fashion industry.  In 2010 she re-entered Quest4Talent for more experience and won the Vocal Category, and turned around and won it again in 2011. A few months after this win, Jade had submitted a 30 second clip of her singing, Valerie, by Amy Winehouse to Scotland’s #1 radio station, Real Radio’s competition. Soon after submitting it, their  main presenter  called and told her she had won, and they played her on the radio that day.

Jade is a person who just loves to sing, and please the crowd. It is always an amazing feeling for her when the crowd starts cheering for her when she sings. She is beginning to expand her artistry by learning to write. She currently has 2 songs completed. One of these songs is called, “Woke Up At 6AM”. This is a great song and very catchy.

Jade has been doing a lot of great things, and she has many more performances coming up that she can’t wait for, and neither should you if you are in the area. Some of these events are charity events, these she loves to do. She has the Yorhill Children Foundation Christmas show, and the one she is most looking forward to is the, Truck Fest. This happens every year and thousands of people attend. All these wonderful things she will be doing and has done, has all come about because her dog Jake would not learn his tricks. Just think of all the great music we would have missed if that dog had got up and danced like she was hoping. One amazing thing after another continues to happen for Jade, and with her talent and the seriousness she puts in her sing, there will be a lot more bigger things to come her way.