Jade Evori Master

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Jade Evori Master, is one girl who is the complete package. That voice of her`s can handle anything from theater, to pop, to country and it all comes out beautifully. When performing anything theatrical she really brings the story to life very well. She has the emotions and expressions coming out of her performances so well, that she becomes the story herself.  She will mesmerize you.  When it comes to country and pop she can really bring it, and make you want to get up and dance. She is so talented, that she can singing anything, and it is amazing since she is only nine years old.

People first started noticing her singing abilities when she was three years old in preschool. She started taking vocal lessons at eight years old. She takes her lessons from Mr. Jeremiah Cummings at Fame Dance and Performing Arts Studio. Also this summer she will be taking vocal lessons from another teacher for classical training. She made her first public appearance at her school`s forth and fifth grade talent show where she was asked to be a guest artist. Her biggest audience came at age six when she was asked to sing the National Anthem at her Cheer and Dance Competition. Jade started participating in theater at age seven. She enjoys working with the other kids. This year she is  part of  her school`s Drama Club and will be playing the Little Mermaid.

Jade Master at stars2come In July 2010 Jade performed at Palm Beach Idol at the Maltz Jupiter Theater and won. She said,  it was just like being on American Idol, and her mom was very excited. She also enjoyed performing at Downtown`s Got Talent, even though she didn`t win she got to meet a lot of new people, plus her sister and good friend were part of the show as well.

Jade`s talents has won her many awards. She is the 2010 Star Systems Best Vocalist. In 2011 she was awarded a Platinum  First place trophy and a Platinum Third place at Access Broadway. She also placed first for Jr. Ms. at Access Broadway for vocals, dance and acting. This is only part of her great resume, and with her talent it will grow much larger.

Jade`s talent is growing. She started writing her own songs when she was seven, and now that she has a guitar teacher, they are beginning to put her songs to music. She has always had the tunes in her head, but was unable to translate it into notes. Now that she is learning guitar this is all changing. It is certain that what ever these songs are they will have to be amazing coming from Jade.

It is hard to tell when she is on stage, but Jade is quite shy. She is how ever a very normal and sweet girl who likes to hang out with friends, and her sister Demi is her best friend. She hopes to one day become a triple threat with dancing, singing, and acting either on Broadway or Disney. Jade certainly is on her way. She has everything in her favor with talent and a wonderful attitude about what she does. She has some great people that she gets her inspiration from, such as Taylor Swift, Kristen Chenowith and Idina Menzel. It would not be surprising to one day turn on the TV and there she will be.