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Jaimy (Engelman) Taylor is a very gifted singer with a talent she seems to have been born with. At 15 years of age and living in the Netherlands, Jaimy actually started singing on her own at 3 years old. She would record herself singing with her little recorder and microphone to experiment and see what she sounded like. There was always music on or being sung at home because both her parents are singers, and being around music all of the time really influenced her and gave her a desire to sing.

The first time Jaimy was given the opportunity to sing in public was when she was in her last year at primary school at the age of 11, almost 12 years old; after her teacher found out she could sing. Jaimy got on stage, with a certain degree of fear and nervousness, in front of 430 of her fellow students. Jaimy began to sing “Hallelujah” and noticed her audience was enjoying her performance. She now says, “It was the scariest thing I ever did but it felt good after it was done.” Now Jaimy says she “can’t stop singing, everyday I’m singing.”

Since that first time on stage Jaimy has been working at getting better with her singing, and she has also been playing the piano from the age of 10 years old and is now learning how to play the guitar. One of the things Jaimy loves about music is that if she’s feeling a little upset or distracted she can start singing to herself and feel better instantly. Jaimy has had many opportunities to sing on stage now, and she’s enjoyed them all very much, but like many girls her age she also entertains dreams of becoming an actress someday.

One of Jaimy’s favorite live performances was singing at the Pasar Malam (The Indonesian Market) because she felt it was very important to be involved there. Many people were singing the songs along with her and the public was all smiles. Jaimy has also performed charities for an Indonesian Orphanage House and for a local cancer fund. Above all, Jaimy is a young lady that enjoys making people happy while singing and the biggest reward for her is seeing the smiles on people’s faces.

Jaimy sings many different genres of music, but most of all she loves singing country music in the tradition of Ronan Keating (an Irish Recording Artist) and Carrie Underwood. Jaimy truly hopes to be able to join a country band one day because of her love for it and her desire to perform for very large audiences that genuinely enjoying listening to her sing. Time will tell were this gifted young lady will land.

When Jaimy was 13 years old and in her 1st grade at high school her mother found Mike Attinger while searching the internet, so she decided to contact him even though she knew Mike normally doesn’t work with kids as young as Jaimy. According to Jaimy’s mother, Mike decided to give Jaimy a chance by recording and producing the video of, “Call Me Maybe” while supplying all of the instrumentals for Jaimy and her two backup dancer friends, Jill and Angel.

Apparently Mike was pleased with the results and has since done 5 collaborations with Jaimy as the lead and backup singer. The real exciting news is that Jaimy (Engelman) Taylor, as the youngest singer, will be joining Mike Attinger of MainGrounds Session for an International theatre concert he’s organizing in the Netherlands together with his great friends, Danielle Lowe, Karlijn Verhagen and Rex Pearson. They’ll all be performing on the 14th of September, 2013, with a live band and dancers.

Right now would be a great time for everyone to get to know Jaimy much better by visiting her YouTube channel and giving her Facebook Fan Page a “Like.” She has many great videos and not nearly enough subscribers. Don’t miss out on meeting Jaimy because she’s going to take the world by storm and the thunder is about to begin.

Keep track of Jaimy by visiting her YouTube, Facebook, Google+ and Maingrounds.

Article by Perry Malinos