Jal Joshua

I would like to introduce Jal Joshua  thirteen years , from Australia . Jal has one of the most controlled voices I have heard in a boy his age. The range that Jal posses is remarkable to say the least.  The video above,  is him singing ” Somewhere Over The Rainbow ” a great example of what he can do and you don`t even,  want to miss the ending . Jal`s voice training started at about nine years while he was still in the Philippines. After migrating to Australia he joined a talent quest and after the first audition the organizer offered him free voice lessons till now.

Jal originally from the Philippines has taken Australia by storm. Jal is probably best known from Australia`s Got Talent where he was the runner-up ( how he didn`t win I`ll never know ).  His first song on the show was ” Somewhere Over The Rainbow ” it was a breath taking performance that brought the audience to tears and was given a standing ovation.  I remember this like it was yesterday,  you just don`t forget performances such as this.  He might not have won , but he did win the hearts of the world.  He also sung two other songs on the show ” You`ll Never Walk Alone ” and ” One Voice ”  all of which he done brilliantly. I ask Jal about his experience on the show and ” he said ” It improved his self confidence , personality development , met some new friends and made some people happy ( and I am one of them ). But Jal has not stopped there he won the Lord`s Mayor`s Christmas Carols Christmas Star with the song ” Stand up for Love ” .  Jal also appeared on a TV special ” My Act for World Vision” in Germany .  He has performed at many venues around Australia including , Creative Generations and will be apart of it again this year which will be July 16 and 17 . His most recent appearance was at Australia Day 2010 in Redland City.

Above is Jal singing ” I`ve Got Tomorrow ” Jal has a stage presence that goes beyond awesome, _ it is magnificent!  This video shows it very well. His presence on stage is very similar to the way Frank Sinatra did when he was on stage.  Jal posses an amazing gift to,_ not just tell the story but,_ bring it to life! It is almost as if he becomes the story and drags you right in with him. The attitude , emotion and expression he puts in his performance takes him from being a singer to an entertainer and a remarkable job he does.  The choice of songs he makes,  is always perfect for his voice. ”  He said ”  that he chooses some of the songs but,  he has great support from his parents and teachers that ,  they help in choosing as well. I am sure that all these things together is what,  has made him a star of not only Australia but,_ the world.

Migrating to Australia was a big step for Jal. I asked him about that:::  I read on your site that your dad moved all of you to Australia for a better life, what has it been like for you?……….Yes my family migrated here in Australia to have a better life for us and its  good and we have no regrets in coming here, because the education is good and we  can take any profession we want. Its a beautiful    country with nice people. But I really missed my cousins, classmates and friends. Hopefully  I could visit the Philippines soon. Jal mentions good things that can make life better for them but,_what he doesn`t realize is that moving to Australia,  is the good things he brought to the world with his voice and outstanding performances.  Thank you Jal for letting all of us enjoy your wonderful music.  I have been waiting since his first performance on AGT to show my support and appreciation .  I want to thank Jal and his family for giving me this opportunity , it truly has been a pleasure and honor to write this for Jal.   For anyone who would like Jal does have a CD out entitled ‘ I`ve Got Tomorrow ” and you can also visit him on his channel Jal Joshua . I have left more videos below for your enjoyment. The first three is of his AGT performances..