Jamie Lou


Jamie Lou at stars2come

There has been a lot of great things that have come about to change lives and bring about discovery, and one of those things is the internet. Without the internet such amazing people like Jamie Lou may have gone unseen and unheard. It would be a true travesty for an artist of such talent to have been missed. Fortunately Jamie was born into an era to where the world can enjoy all the wonders great and small, and Jamie is truly great!

Jamie Lou lives in the Caribbean and she is going to do what Jimmy Buffett did for Key West. You can not think of the Keys without thinking of Jimmy, or think of Jimmy and not the Keys. Now that the internet is allowing the people to get to know and hear Jamie, it will not be far off to where you cannot think of the Caribbean without thinking of, Jamie Lou. While the internet is her launching pad, she will rise far beyond and be the talk of everyone much like Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

Jamie is unique as an ocean wave and her voice as pristine as the waters surrounding the island. All of the songs she covers, she adds her own spin to them so when you listen, you know it is Jamie.  This is what will take her, like many others before her, to stardom. She has a brilliant delivery and her cover of , Royals shows just how much. Her spin with this song was combined with Reggae giving it a fresh new vibe that made it better than original. This is what a true artist can do, take a song that already exists and put their own twist to it, making it more spectacular that it originally was.

Off the coast of Spain on an island called, Ibiza is where Jamie was born and raised until she was five years old. At the age of five her parents picked her up and moved to the Caribbean where she resides today at the age of twelve. Her mom says she has been singing since before she could talk, and it certainly sounds like.

Jamie Lou at stars2come Jamie does a lot of recording in the studio, but she has not made very many public performances lately. Her last performance was at Shirley Heights which is also one of her first public performances. She said she loved singing there, it was really fun. There was a talent show in kindergarten that is a lovely memory for her, because her and her friends sung together. They won third place.

There are many great artists that Jamie likes to cover, but she really loves covering Rihanna, Birdy and Lorde songs. Jamie says she loves covering them because  it’s the kind of style that fits her voice. It all comes down to Jamie loves the thrill of performing and hearing the people cheering. “I can get really nervous at first, but when the first words of the song comes out of my mouth it calms me down and I just enjoy the show” says Jamie.

A couple of months ago Jamie began writing her own songs. She says it is exciting and cannot wait to share them with everyone. Jamie and her crew have written seven so far. All of the songs are special to her and they all express how she feels or felt in the past.

Jamie is an amazing girl who loves singing, but also likes acting and writing. Her focus is to show the world what she can do. Jamie does hope to share her music so people can enjoy it. She would also like to act a bit and possibly write a book.

The sky is the limit for Jamie. The quality of talent she has far exceeds many. With the creativity she posses along with the dynamics in her voice will carry her to the top. Jamie has a keen sense when it comes to music on how to deliver it so that it continuously draws you father in as you listen. It will be a true treat for people once she begins to release her original songs. Jamie has a lot of passion and love for music which makes the covers she sings brilliant. So what will this do for the originals? Add the creativity, the passion and the dynamics, she will produce music that no one will want to ever turn off. Instead of people at the dinner table talking about Rihanna, they will be talking about Jamie. With a little time Birdy and Lorde just might be covering Jamie.

Jamie is one of a kind, and it is artists like her, that people want and cling to. There are not many who have the heart the same as Jamie, you can hear it in every song. Jamie, just like the internet is great, and because of it, the people near and far get to watch and listen to her rise to be the star that she so deserves to be.