Janick Thibault “Amasic”


Janick Thibault ( Amasic ) at stars2come If you like Greenday, you are going to love, Janick. This guy can really rock, and if there was anyone ready for a label it is, Janick Thibault. The songs he comes up with is pure brilliant, he is a true artist. I am not the only one who thinks so, he has a very large fan base, with four million hits on his channel, and growing fast.

 Janick, is sixteen years old and lives in Canada. He has only been singing for five years, and he can literally sing anything, he is nothing,  but amazing. He started playing the guitar at twelve years old, and now he can put together some awesome melodies for the songs he writes. He is not letting anything stand in his way he is letting his imagination and creativity run it truly shows he knows what he wants and is going after it.

Janick has come a long way from his first performance, he did in a church basement. He now has two CD`s and a third on the way, he has a dream and going after it. Janick did enter one contest on the Internet, the Yodi singing contest, in which he finished in the top ten.

janick thibault at stars2come

 Janick started writing his own songs at thirteen, and now has seventeen written. He creates some of the best lyrics and melodies there is. Greenday, will have to move over, because Janick is coming, and when he gets there, people will say, Greenday, who?

 There has been one radio NRJ,that is talking about his music already. NRJ will not be the only one talking, there will be many more to come, radio and TV. The goal he has is simple get a record deal and live with his music. This shows how serious he is music is what he thinks and does, and it is people like him that make it all the way to the top. You have to believe in yourself, and what you can do. He knows, what he can do, and he is doing it. He wants everything a certain way and he makes sure of it. He does it all himself, he writes, produces, films and records everything himself. This really shows what a true artist he is. What he does is nothing,  but brilliant, it is true poetry, everything  fitting together perfectly. His fans love his music, and he will have many more loving his music for a long time to come.