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There are people who become internet sensations with several thousand hits or even a million. In other cases you have the rarity who climbs into the stratosphere with one hundred million hits like Jannina.

Jannina is a beautiful young lady who lives in Thailand.  She is someone who has won the hearts and admiration of people worldwide. It has been a combination of a perfect mixture to make her a sensation. Her talents vocally is amazing to say the least, but it is the warmth she posses on camera that has helped to propel her ever closer to the top. It is the true love for what she does that has made Jannina the huge sensation that she is. It never fails for her warm and infectious smile to appear in her performances  making for an amazing experience for the audience. To be a world star it takes more than just a good voice. The correct personality has to be there, the love for what you do must shine through, and you must make the audience smile with each and every performance. Jannina posses all of these things and more. Jannina is genuine, making it an honor to call her a rising world star, and growing bigger everyday.

Fourteen year old Jannina started her incredible musical journey when she was eleven. Jannina says she has been singing since she was very little, but only began practicing singing at eleven years old.  Her first live audience was at a Thai singing contest in which she won 3rd place. There is a very big concert that Thailand has called, Big Mountain concert. Jannina got to perform at this concert and was an exciting experience for her.

With all of the performances she has done, she is still a little afraid. Jannina feels this is because, she is still very new to all of this. However when she does perform and the audience gets involved, she truly loves it. Jannina does love to perform, but the feeling of relief when she climbs down from the stage is a wonderful thing for her, of course this is just the nerves talking.

Jannina at stars2come  Some of the goals Jannina has put together for herself are reachable and she is gaining ground everyday. She really wants to have a single in English and go international. Jannina says she does not know how far she will get with these goals, but she wanted to set something and see where how far she gets. No matter where Jannina goes in the world, she will have fans waiting to see and hear her. With an estimated 700,000 followers Jannina is well on her way to achieving her goals.

Writing songs is a big part of being an artist, and Jannina has started working on her own writing skills. Most of the songs she has written so far are in Thai. She says sometimes when writing, the songs work, and sometimes they don’t, it is all part of learning. She does have a good teacher since her mom writes songs as a hobby. There is one song that  Jannina wrote that has a special meaning to her called, Mirror. This song is what she has experienced in her past about racism.

There are a few great things to be on the look out from Jannina. One of these is her very first single to be released soon. The single will be in Thai. She is also shooting a movie that will be out next year in Thailand.

There are many great things about Jannina, and one of these is how humble she is. Stardom is on the rise in her life and it still amazes her when someone recognizes her on the street. Jannina cannot believe she has reached this point in her journey. Needless to say she receives a lot of fan mail, but she never lets any go unread. The ones that have touched her the most are the younger ones who looks to her for inspiration, and looks up to her. This is something she says inspires herself to do more for her fans and be a good role model.

When Jannina is not singing, she often listens to music, or watchs movies, draw and study. She also likes video games. She really likes to play horror type games, even though she can’t really stand them. Jannina is not a big TV fan, but she does love movies. Her favorite animals are dogs and cats. She also really likes ice cream sandwiches.

There are many young people looking to be  successful too someday.  Jannina feels that people should not be shy to try something new. She says you never know, people may like it. Standout from the crowd, do something different that no one has done yet. More importantly, if you fail, don’t give up. Success is waiting for you!

Jannina wants to thank all of her fans for staying with her and supporting her.

Jannina does have a loyal fan base, one that truly loves everything she does. She always delivers amazing performances and this keeps her fans growing daily. One day anywhere in the world you may just see up in lights at an arena near you; “performing tonight, Jannina W.” What a great show that would be!