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January is such a pleasant artist to listen to, her voice has a great soft and even flow to it, but a bit edgy in places giving it great character, certainly one of the most enjoyable voices out there today. January is very addictive, you never want her to stop, and when she does you want more. This is very evident in her song, “A Trip To The Moon”, this is the only song she has out right now and one is definitely not enough.

Trip To The Moon was written by January and Louise Goffin. This great song took root after a bit of a writer’s block with the two; they took a break and just started talking, and out came the first two lines, “you like me like a red balloon, you like me like a trip to the moon”. January said they wanted to take people on a feel good trip, like the feeling you get when you have a crush on someone and it takes over your entire being. She also says when you are listening you feel as if you are in another world, or taking a trip to some far off place in your dreams. They got what they were after, this song does take you away, and flows so perfectly, very well done. She is currently putting together a music video for “Trip To The Moon”. January said this was the first you heard from her, but is sure not the last!

January’s talents started coming to life with her first performance at six years old in her elementary school talent show. However January’s first co-star was a, “my size” Winnie the Pooh, and after her performance she heard the applause from the audience; she was hooked. She continued on after this by performing in Orange County Children’s theater. All of her talents blossomed and has had some pretty amazing performances. One of her favorite performances was when she and the Jammxkids performed on Good Morning America outside in Time Square. She said the adrenaline rush was exhilarating and a moment she will never forget. Another performance that is dear to her is when she sang on the 50th anniversary Disney float in the Rose Parade. She has always been a fan of Disney and to sing on the float was just amazing for her. Not only did she sing on the float, she sang right next to Mickey, she got to sing her original song and dance. She said it was the first year it ever rained, but she kept singing rain or shine.

January does have an amazing voice and that voice allowed her to win the Young Stars of the future competition and performed with the South Coast Symphony. She said it was a wonderful experience singing Charlie Brown’s, “My New Philosophy”. She was a small girl with a big voice and personality, she felt right at home with this performance.

She has also performed on other TV shows. January was in the group Jammxkids and they had two Warner Brother specials. They danced and sang with, JoJo, Rihanna and Natasha Bedingfield. Randy Jackson and Queen Latifa made guest appearances as well. She said she had the time of her life and grew a lot as a performer. They were a tight-knit and unique group of performers and she would not be who she is today without these experiences.

January is not just an artist she is an entertainer, and she loves it. She says when she is performing that is when she is at her most vulnerable and it feels incredible. When she is in the studio or on stage, she is expressing her true self. She also loves to lift people up and if she can make one person smile, dance or sing along, then she has done her job. January hopes to spread her music and love to the masses. Her music is here to lift your spirits and move you.

She does enjoy writing her own songs and January has written many. The songs she has written recently are true to who she is as an artist. She has written a song about love which she says, she is madly in love with and can not wait to share it with everyone.

January is a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and wants to spread awareness and love to the world. She says life can get complicated and she is here to give you an escape with perspective, music has saved her and it will save you too. She is a surf girl who is on a journey to find herself; join her if you dare!

What January brings is what real music is supposed to be. She is a singer and her voice is like good chocolate, (a smooth velvety texture), and making you want more, there is never enough. January is someone you want in your collection, she definitely gets 2 thumbs up!


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