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Jarid is a wonderful new up and coming pop star and gaining a lot of attention. Jarid works really hard at what he does and has a great imagination when it comes to his performances. The new pop star on the scene Ross Lynch better watch out cause Jarid is barking at his heels and coming strong. Jarid has a great sound to his voice and a lot of control, but for Jarid it is obvious that the performance itself is just as important as the vocals. This is the same for Ross and it has made him a fast growing superstar. Many times artists focus only on vocals or performance, but it takes both together to rise to a star and Jarid it right on track. He will be the one that all the girls will be talking about.

Like many artists Jarid took off at an early age, he was about six years old when he first started singing out in public. When he was six, Jarid played an orphan in an “Oliver” play at Lincoln Trail College in Illinois. Since this beginning he has kept performing, not looking back. When he was nine years old he sang, “Hey Soul Sister” at a Talent Expo in Dallas, Texas. He really enjoyed this performance because it was in the moment and the crowd was applauding him throughout the song. Also at this Expo Jarid received a first place award for “Best Singer” in his age group. In May of this year he had a great time performing, “Stay” by Rihanna in front of his brother’s class.

Jarid is an amazing artist and one of his favorite artists that he likes to cover is One Direction. He says they are fun and in his voice range. No matter what he sings he just loves the feeling he gets when he is singing to other people.

Even though he does sing a lot of covers, he is a very good writer. Jarid has written about 63 songs so far and the ideas keep coming. One of his songs called, “Stay Strong” is special to him because it is about him accepting the fact that his sister is growing up and will move out soon. Another song of his called, “You and Me” is a love song, but he wanted it to have a magical and dreamy feel. Jarid always writes what he is feeling at the moment, and then recording them that same day to capture the tone of his voice while thinking about the song.

As amazing as he is as an artist he is also just as amazing as an actor. He has played many roles in his career. He has been on CBS: Criminal Minds (Perennials) as Aiden Donahue, Cartoon Network on Uncle Grandpa (Space Emperor & Nick Name) he was the voice for Melvin the Space Emperor & Spaghetti Legs, ABC Family The Fosters (The Morning After) s Jeremy, and just this past October 10th he was on Nickelodeon Deadtime Stories (The Beast of Baskerville) as JJ Leeds. Jarid said on Uncle Grandpa it was amazing doing the voice overs. He also says it was an amazing experience and loads of fun. He was really awe-stricken that his voice was coming out of a cartoon character. Jarid has been doing voice overs for over two and a half years.

Jarid is very creative and he loves to create his own song recordings and shot and edit the music videos. He also enjoys writing scripts and directing short films, and often acting in them. For Jarid he feels the most happy when he is on set, because he loves creating his own characters and loves the overall atmosphere of being on set. His goal is to be successful in TV and film and become a worldwide performer. Then someday direct a blockbuster movie.

Jarid has so much going for him and there is no limit to what he can do. His imagination and drive to be successful at what he does, is what will make his dreams become reality. He is a blast to watch and listen to, Jarid is total entertainment. However he does not always go at his dreams alone, he has his sister by his side. They do make a great team and it can all be seen and heard in his new video, “True”. He co-wrote this with his sister Jennifer Lynn and she also stars in it. Be sure and check out his amazing new video.