Jasmine Clarke

jasmine clarke at stars2come

 I would like to introduce, Jasmine a beautiful little girl, with a voice to match. She, is a very talented young lady, and I just love her smile, she is so adorable.  At just eleven years old, this girl can sing like an angel, with a very pretty voice. Her control and timing is remarkable, to say the least. I have listened to her over and over, it truly amazes me, how wonderful, she can perform the songs she sings, they are perfect!

 Jasmine loves singing so much, she has basically taught her self. There has been no formal vocal training, although,  she has taken some direction from her parents. She does exercises to learn to breath, and to help with her control. I personally think her mom and dad are directing her very well, the control she has at her age is incredible.

 When she was around three she would go around singing the alphabet song. Then at about five she sang her first song for about one hundred people and it was a Chinness song.  She says, she loves R&B and soul, but she does like pop and Disney songs, but R&B are defenitly her favorite.


jasmine clarke at stars2come

 Jasmine has performed at a few places, but not many because of the location where she lives in Australia. She has been asked to sing for her state`s basketball game a few times. Here in a few weeks she will be singing with a band for the first time. The band thought it would be fun to get her to sing with them for a festival. I know the people at the festival are in for a great experience when Jasmine steps on stage and starts to sing, they are going to be thrilled. She has been fortunate to have been in a couple of competitions one was at the state basketball centre it was open to all ages and she won, winning $1000.00 and a new bike. ( Jasmine I think you have more 1st place prizes coming ) . The other was at a university it was also open to all ages and she won this competition as well.

 Jasmine, chooses her music from what she hears on the radio or YouTube, if she likes it, and thinks she can sing it, she will put it in her song bag. ( I think she could sing anything ). I asked why she enjoys singing so much and she said, I just love the feeling of singing and it just makes me happy . Her inspiration comes from  Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera and Leona Lewis. She would like for one day to be as famous as them.  I think she is getting a pretty good start she has performed on TV and has been asked again to appear and will be singing two songs.  She says , her goal would be the same as most, to be famous, but there are a lot of awesome singers so she is just going to have fun.  It is truly unbelievable how well Jasmine can sing the more I listen the more amazed I get. Like Jasmine said, there are a lot of awesome singers out there and she is right at the top of those singers.  One day everyone on YouTube will be covering her songs and wishing they could be just like her…..