Jasmine Sean McDonald

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Jasmine is without a doubt has a face that truly belongs on TV and stage. This girl is adorable inside and out and the smile she has will win the hearts of those who sees it. After seeing her perform on stage in Nashville it is easy to understand why so many people wants to see her. She is amazing!

Jasmine is not a shy girl at all, and at five years old she jumped right in and showed everyone how fearless she was. She went to a mall where they were having a talent and model search, and Jasmine won. She also began modeling for Belks store when she was five and still continues to do so.

Without saying her trip to Nashville has certainly won first place for a location to perform at. “I love it there”! says Jasmine. She loves all the famous singers that are there, and she wants with all her heart to be one of them. It was here that she got to see first hand just how much people loved her when a man and woman gave her a 20.00 dollar tip.  There are many festivals all around and Jasmine loves to perform at these whenever she can. She loves being on stage and singing to all the people. “The more the merrier” she said. She knows she is doing a good job performing when she looks into the audience and see people clapping and dancing to her music.

Jasmine loves all the country singers, but what she loves most to listen and sing, is Honky Tonk. It is the in your face songs from artists like Loretta Lynn and Gretchen Wilson she likes so well.

When it comes to singing, it is making people happy, that is the most important thing to her. Jasmine loves the attention she gets on stage, and the more attention the grander the show. Whatever the entertainment world has to offer is what Jasmine wants, whether it is singing or TV she just wants to entertain.

While on her Nashville trip she did get to film a TV show. Jasmine got to be apart of the Nashville Spotlight TV show, which is a TV show that spotlights the up and coming artist.

Here very soon Jasmine will be performing for the city of Douglas, Georgia. The city called to ask her to sing for the veterans of World War II . This event will be held at the airport and one of the most amazing things about it is, Jasmine is the only person performing. She gets all the attention.

Many people would say performing would be their ultimate goal, but not for Jasmine, her’s is to be the best christian that she can be and honor God. She does hope to be a famous singer herself one day or possibly become part of the Disney family. She would like to have the chance to sing for kids that are sick and abused. It would be a dream come true for Jasmine to be on stage with Gretchen Wilson and sing her Earring song with her. Jasmine wants to be known as the “It Girl”, doing it all acting, singing, and modeling.

Jasmine is so lovable, it is no wonder that so many people love to see her entertain. Her personality and character will win over anyone’s heart. Not everyone has the “It” factor to be an entertainer, but Jasmine has it and more. She was put on this earth to bring joy to the lives of others and she does it very well. Once you meet her and see that smile, your heart will melt away. Any opportunity you have, make it a point to see, It Girl in action, you will be hooked for life.