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Canada must certainly have something in the water up there it just continually produces amazing voices and Jenn is right in there with the very best of them. There has been a lot of great artists to come out of Canada, Justin Bieber and Shania Twain are a couple of these great artists and Jenn will be another that will be added to the list. Jenn is just so captivating and the way she delivers her songs are brilliant. There are many people out there working hard to make their dreams come true and Jenn is doing the same, but one thing about Jenn is, she just took the lead.

Living in Ontario Canada is Jenn Connor, and her presence there has brought so much beauty to the area from visually to musically. Everyone began hearing the beauty she brings to music when she was ten years old at her elementary school’s talent show which was held at the annual town fair. She entered the talent show just for fun. Jenn sang Hillary Duff’s “Wake Up” and to her surprise everyone loved her performance. After this she was given the lead role of Cinderella in her school’s senior musical production. Jenn ended up getting a lot of great feedback, not for her vocals, but her acting and dancing as well. She said she was invited back to perform at the fair and continued to do so for the next few years. She has sung songs from Martina McBride to Guns and Roses.

One of Jenn’s favorite performances came at her high school’s spring concert when she performed Michael Jackson’s song, “Earth Song”. Michael is one of her biggest inspirations in music and she wanted to pay tribute to him in some way. Jenn says she didn’t want to sing it just because it was a favorite of hers, but the song shows another side of Michael that not everyone knew. Michael cared about the world and the people, and Jenn thought it would be a great idea to show the audience a side of Michael they may not have known about. Jenn also says that the message in Earth Song is so important and she really wanted to echo Michael’s message. After the performance she was told by one of the audience members that it brought tears to her eyes. After that Jenn realized how powerful music can be. This performance taught her that music can make one happy, or cry and it made her realize she wanted to do this for the rest of her life. She loves connecting with the audience on an emotional level. Jenn says music has the power to take us anywhere emotionally and can bring the world together.

Jenn’s great abilities as an artist has won her the karaoke contest that her elementary school was holding when she was thirteen. This contest lasted 3-4 weeks and every other Friday an elementary school would have a dance and the participants had to sing a song at each dance. Her friends encouraged her to audition, and knowing she had their support she went for it. Jenn performed songs by Lonestar and other country and pop artists and to her surprise she won the contest and the prize was a surround sound DVD player.

Jenn has been making a few trips to the US and has begun work on her upcoming EP at Killingsworth Recording Company in LA. She was discovered online by producer Tomas Costanza and songwriter Ashley Levy and was invited to come down and record. She said it has been a great experience to work with such a talented producer. She really loves working with him and looks forward to working with him more in the future. Tomas says Jenn is a breath of fresh air in a business filled with musical sludge.

Jenn and Cody at stars2come Jenn has a wonderful song called, “Thanks To You”  about Criss Angel that is totally brilliant. Criss is one of her biggest inspirations and the song sort of melodically cover song of Cody Simpson’s “Love So Strong”. Jenn changed the lyrics to the song to tell the story of how Criss Angel inspired her to go for her dream of becoming a singer. Cody is one of her favorite singers and she had always wanted to cover one of his songs and she fell in love with the soft melody of “Love So Strong”. Cody wrote this song about a girl he left behind so the song already had a very personal theme, so she thought it would be a great idea to rewrite the lyrics and change them to something that she could relate to. Jenn did just that her song “Thanks To You” has so much meaning and heart; this is not a song that just herself can relate to, but everyone who listens. This song is Jenn’s way of thanking Criss for all he has done for her.

It is evident from her rewrite of Cody’s song “Love So Strong” into her song, Thanks To You that she is not only brilliant vocally, but also her creativity as a writer. Jenn started writing when she was about thirteen years old and has now collected an entire notebook full of lyrics, song-titles and melody ideas. She says she probably has 8-10 full songs written on her own. Some of the songs are based on personal experiences or situation that a loved one or friend has gone through.  Other songs are inspired by world events, what she has seen in movies or read in books that effected her emotionally.

All in all Jenn is just a regular teenage girl who loves to sing and is trying to live her dream. She is a very proud Canadian who happens to love Criss Angel, The Tenors, and Michael Jackson. Jenn also has a huge crush on Cody Simpson and would love to meet One Direction one day. Jenn is also a major animal lover and donates everything she can to help abandoned animals find forever homes. Jenn said, “I’m no different than anyone else. If I can find the courage to go for my dream, I know you can too- I’ll be rooting for you all of the way. If I can inspire one person to go for their dream, then I will be the happiest girl on Earth. I’m going for it and so can you”.

Jenn has a lot going on this year, not only is she working on her new EP, but will be releasing songs from it one by one throughout the year. She says they are her best work to date and cannot wait to share them. She is planning on doing her very first music video, and very excited about it.

This year will indeed be exciting and I cannot wait till her songs begin to come out. Jenn is an artist and she knows how to sing. There are many people who get up with music and belt out words and call it singing, but it is not. People spend a great deal of money to try to sing with skill that Jenn does, and most never achieve it. What Jenn does comes straight from the heart, you can feel the love of what she does in the songs she sings. What Jenn does with words is perfection. When she sings every word is crystal clear, no slurs, no spikes or flats. Art is something that brings beauty to who sees or hears it, that is created by a person with talent, skill, and passion. This is Jenn, the songs we hear is pure art, they are created with passion and skill. The songs are beauty to the ear and the world needs more artists like Jenn.

One Mistake

Thanks To You