Jenna Lee

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Jenna Lee is a lovely and talented young lady.  She is twelve years old and lives in Canada. Canada has a lot of cold weather, and often plummets below zero, but Jenna can warm any atmosphere, anywhere, anytime. This Canadian performer has such a warm personality that the warmth comes out in her songs warming the hearts of everyone.

According to Jenna’s parents she was singing before she could even talk. She would sing along with different television shows and sound like an angel. Jenna’s first heart warming performance came at the age of eight. For her debut performance she sang a song called, Rabbits. For her second song Jenna sang, Monkeys. Both of these songs were for a local music festival and she won first place honors for both. Her talents were recognized at the very beginning of her career and continues to this day.

There have been many performances since Jenna’s journey began, and like most she too has some that stands out in her mind. She loved singing at their local Jr Idol competition. At this competition she sang, Over The Rainbow and dressed up like Dorothy. Once again Jenna came out as the first place winner. She has won many contests and it is well deserved. Another performance that has remained as a favorite was a telethon she sang at. Again she sang Over The Rainbow, and she loved dressing up in a real fancy dress. One of the exciting things about performing at the telethon was meeting Bob McGrath from Sesame Street.

Jenna loves the way singing makes her feel. When the audience is enjoying her music that is the best, she says. Songs that are challenging is what she loves, it doesn’t matter if they make her happy or sad. Like many aspiring artists she too hopes to one day perform professionally. Jenna continues to work hard with her vocal coach to improve her voice. She loves sharing her music and tries to upload a new video for her fans every other week.

Jenna’s fans will be able to see her at an up coming fundraiser for a local family Center that supports children and families. It is a Royal Ball and she is excited to be performing some Disney songs for the kids. Jenna says she has sung there before and loves seeing all the kids dressed up like princes and princesses. She says she is also working on some new covers for her fans and hopes they will be uploaded soon.

It does not matter when or where Jenna is, she is always singing. She says most of the time she never even realizes it. Talent is all in her family. She has a sister that plays piano and a brother that plays virtually anything, but is especially talented at drums and guitar. Jenna is always working to improve everything she does and likes learning new things. She not only sings, but plays the piano and has been since the age of six. Jenna is learning the guitar and her teacher is none other than her brother. Jenna does so much with and in the arts like, dance. At school she is involved with jazz and choir.

Jenna has so much depth it is easy to understand why so many people loves her.  She works hard to be the best she can be at every performance. You can bet Canada is very proud to have a talented young lady like Jenna. Take time and listen to Jenna’s music and let her warm your day.