Jenna Rose

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The next time you hear someone say that they cannot get enough of something, they are talking about the amazing pop sensation,  Jenna Rose. She has become the talk of the town and internet. Jenna has accomplished a lot and her video called, “My Jeans” went viral with over 16 million views making her an internet sensation quickly. “My Jeans was a fluke” she says. She was at a showcase in NYC at Sir Studios, and Baby Triggy the young rapper was at the showcase and saw Jenna, and decided to write My Jeans for her. He asked her to come to the studio to record it, and she literally done it in 30 minutes. The video was linked back to Rebecca Black’s Friday and went viral. The video was a present from her parents, and school friends and close friends were the stars. She said it was a lot of fun shooting the video, but it was 110 degrees that  day. Jenna says it was all a fluke, but maybe it was destiny because there’s no fluke about her talents as an artist and just maybe destiny wanted to make sure everyone knew it.

There has been a lot of great things to happened with Jenna, but it all started out at the age of two when she was a dancer. She used to dance all over the house so her mom put her in a performing arts school where she took ballet and musical theater. “It was fun , but I really liked acting and dancing” she said. At the age of eight she auditioned for High School Musical and was cast as a cheerleader that sang. It was here that she found her voice and then auditioned for 30 community, regional and off-Broadway productions and always landed a part. She loved singing after that.

Jenna has gained some favorites out of her performances. She loved being the little girl in Ragtime, and Odella Williams off-Broadway, she was the lead and youngest in the cast. When she took off on her pop journey she has several performances that she really liked as well. They were the Brookhaven Amphitheater, NYCB Theater at Westbury Totally Tube Show, and the Middle East Club in Boston, performing on National TV was also exciting and a special experience.

That wonderful voice of hers has won her a few amazing contests. One of these contests she won was the Kidz Bop contest. Her prize for winning was to sing in Madison Square Garden in front of 20,000 people, she was ten years old and sang Whitney Houston’s, “The Greatest Love of All”. She has also won 2 contests for the KTU weekend top 30 for her song ‘Forget You”.

Jenna’s talents has won her contests, has enabled her to perform in amazing places and a viral video. This is all amazing, but it becomes incredible. Jenna got something that the majority could only dream of, and that is doing a song with the legendary Dionne Warwick. Jenna happened to be in LA performing at Whiskey A Go Go and Dionne’s son Damon Elliott came in with his 13 year old daughter. Damon was impressed with Jenna and asked if he could do her album. She flew out to Arizona to do the album and her dad thought of Jenna doing a collab with Dionne, and she agreed. Damon Elliot produced Jenna’s debut LP “The Wonder of You” where Jenna recorded a re-make of the 1964 smash record,”Walk on By ” with pop legend Dionne Warwick. You can find the Jenna’s album “The Wonder Of You” on iTunes and Amazon.

Jenna has really grown to love performing, she loves to transform on stage and the smiles from the audience. She also loves the applause and when they know her songs and sing along. She says she hopes to make great music and get signed by a record label.

Jenna has a lot of great things happening in her life, but she stills remains humble. She likes having fun and being silly. She loves her fans and family, they are the ones who keep her grounded and inspired to keep going.

She has some great performances coming up, be sure and catch her at one of them. She will be at the Wells Fargo Arena on April 19th, Trump Plaza Atlantic City May 16th, Tallahassee Fl. July 26 just to name a few.

Jenna is a great pop artist and climbing the ladder fast. When you listen to her sing, you will know why no one can ever get enough of Jenna. She not only has the voice, but the technique to deliver any song flawlessly. If you are not a fan yet, you will be!