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On 09/11/98 the world became a lot more beautiful. On this day a very sweet and warm young lady was born, bringing with her a voice big enough to reach the stars. This young lady is Jessie Lee. This girl has a heart of  gold inside and it shines through in her personality, and her songs. There is something very special about Jessie, to where when you see her for the first time you are drawn to her. When looking into her eyes it is like looking straight into her soul, and it is a beautiful thing. No one can really grasp who Jessie is as a person or artist until you see and hear her in person. Once you see her perform in person, you will not want it to end. Everything she has inside comes out when she delivers a song, and the way she can connect with the audience is just unbelievable. She brings so much to the stage, that once her performance is over everyone wants to meet, and talk with her. This is something that does not happen to many, but Jessie has what it takes in every way to make this happen. Maybe the best thing about Jessie is that she truly does not know how good she really is, and how big she is going to be.

Jessie`s gift was not discovered until about two years ago in, October 2009. Jessie went to a birthday party, and they had karaoke. Jessie asked to sing. Her very first song came out good, but she was nervous. Then she asked to sing another song and it came out great. The gift that God had given her has now been opened for all to enjoy, and what a wondrous present it is. This wonderful voice Jessie has is being  taken care of by vocal coach Liz March, who is the vocal coach for Emily West.

Jessie Lee at stars2come One of the big moments in Jessie`s life was when they went to Country On The River in Prairie Du Chien WI, 2010. This is where a lot of major artists like Blake Shelton plays. Jessie`s parents tried getting her on the big stage, but they would not let her. There was some beer tents set up, and in one of them there was a band called, 8 Seconds. The lead singers for the band was hesitant at first to let her perform, but they agreed after hearing her from her mom`s cell phone. When Jessie began to sing there were only a few people in the tent, but by the time she finished it was standing room only. She drew people in like flies everyone wanted to see who she was. Jessie came back later that night and sang again, but this time the band did not know how to play Broken Wing. The lead singer told her she would have to sing with out music, and she did. When she started singing the audience went crazy over her, shouting Jessie! Jessie!, but her mom soon got worried because they began to grab at her trying to pull her off stage. This is the kind of performer Jessie is. She has something very special deep inside that when people are around to hear and see her they just fall in love with her. Many people have millions of dollars spent on them, to help them sound and look good, but Jessie doesn`t need any of that. It is Jessie herself that creates all these reactions from people. The whole night and day after Jessie performed in the tent, people would come up to her asking questions and wanting her to sing some more. They went back the next day to let her sing, but there was a different band there this time and they would not allow her to sing. There was a lot of mad people running around after they discovered the band would not allow her to sing, even the security was upset at them. One would guess that the new band found out how popular Jessie was, and was afraid that she would show them up.

Jessie did make it to Nashville here recently, and she was amazing from the very first moment when she was walking up the ramp to the Nashville Palace. Something about her was glowing and it would not let you turn away. After talking with her mom for a minute Jessie started sing out in front of the building with out music, and it was mind-blowing what came out of this girl. She sang several songs while she was there, and the reaction of people was amazing. People was always trying to get around to talk with her between performances and congratulating her. Sometimes trying to get close to her was no easy task. While she was in Nashville she did go for a taping of the Nashville Spotlight TV show. There are many great artists on this show, and you can bet when this was aired everyone was glued to the TV to see Jessie. She will also be back September 10 for another taping. Jessie says, Going to Nashville was  the most amazing thing in her life. The people there working with the kids like Mike Jennings, Jonell Polansky, John Matthews, and Susan Gabrielle, are truly angels sent here from God. She feels so blessed to work with so many amazing people, and they all hold a big spot in her heart forever.

Jessie has been a part of a couple of contests. One was about four months after she began to sing and won third place which was a cash prize. She auditioned for the Cedar Rapids Talent Fest and made it through to the second round, but it will be July 18, before knowing if she made it to the third.

Jessie gets her inspiration from Martina McBride, and Carrie Underwood. She likes them because of their great performances and that they have been so successful. Jessie looks up to these people and hopes to be like them some day. Jessie has picked some great people to look up to today, but tomorrow, these very people will be looking up to her.  Jessie truly loves to sing and put smiles on people`s faces, but she does like to get out and have some good fun as well. She loves driving the car when she is with her dad, she also enjoys 4 wheelers, jet skiing, and spending time with her family. Jessie`s goal is to be able to sing for the world, and to be successful in everything she does. She does have some amazing support from family and friends that will help her get to her dream.

Jessie is a people person, she enjoys others and gives everyone a chance. She says, she does not like to judge others. Jessie truly is a caring person, and one only needs to be around her for a short time to see and feel the care that she has. She is  the most appreciative person that you can ever meet. When experiencing Jessie  in person, you will see how spectacular her performances are, but the most important thing is the magic she holds inside. What ever she has, when you leave, you leave behind a piece of your heart with her. You can not be around her, without her touching your heart. Once you experience Jessie, she is always with you from then on never leaving your heart.

Please enjoy all her videos, but the videos can not capture who Jessie really is. To see that, you need to see her in person and once you do, you will never want her to leave.