Jglia Cabilan Dajay

Jglia Cabilan Dajay at stars2come

Here is one of the most sweetest and kindest person you could ever know. Jglia is someone that the world has come to love for who she is as a person, and her music. Her music has always been great, but now through an act of kindness we see that she is not just great, but spectacular.

This is a story not just about music, but kindness. Jglia is a person who always thinks of others first before herself, there is nothing selfish about her what so ever. Many people have enjoyed talking and listening to Jglia for a long time, but there has been some good and bad things to have happened with her over the past few months. At onetime she had stopped putting up videos, and come to find out she had lost her camera. She would have liked to have bought a new one, but did not want to ask because what little money they had was needed to help care for her grandmother who was very sick. Everyone truly missed seeing her videos. Then one day a YouTube friend of her`s offered to buy her a new one, but she refused. Jglia did not want to take anything away from someone else, or for her friend to think she was taking advantage of their friendship. After a bit of time her dad finished a contract and did buy her a video camera, and once again people could enjoy watching.


Jglia Dajay at stars2come The song “Let It Be” tells the story of how Jglia lives her life, and when she finds herself troubled she can count on Sister Mary to give her direction, and hope. This direction led her to some amazing friends.  A while back when Jglia started singing, she had a mic that was cracked and had to be wrapped in cloth in order to prevent being grounded and shocked. This mic how ever may not have been top of the line, but it was her favorite because this mic was given to her by her grandmother. She thought about asking her dad for a new one, but by this time her grandmother had arrived and terminally ill. This was taking most of their finances, and her dream was gone again. So she, “Let It Be and there will be an answer”, there was. The same friend that offered to buy a new camera came forward and offered to buy a new mic, this was to be a birthday and Christmas present. Again Jglia refused the offer, she was shy of taking gifts, and  she is not use to asking anybody to buy her something, not even her parents. Sometimes she might be out and see a dress she likes, or accessories, or maybe some shoes, but she would never ask she just stayed quite. Many times she can only buy something from the money she makes singing at birthday parties, or weddings. Her friend then insisted that she take the gift, for she did not ask, it is given and it is not bad to accept gifts. Her friend has a big heart to offer this, because this came at a time when her friend was also having difficulties, but they wanted to help anyway. This friend she never even knew their name, and rarely had spoken, but they fully trusted in her.

Jglia accepted the gift, but when the money arrived their finances was low. They needed to use part of the money to buy more oxygen for her grandmother, how ever her grandmother passed away December 27 , 2010. This was a very sad New Years, and Birthday for Jglia. She did end up getting her mic and thanks to the kindness of a friend we can all hear the true beauty that she posses in her voice. Now with her new mic she feels like a real recording artist, that she wished to be. Singing has done a lot for her by taking a shy girl and transforming her into a confident young performer, and now she is on top of the world. I chose not to reveal the person who gave a gift of kindness, when they were in need themselves. I do want to thank the person who did this, you helped someone that was unable to help themselves, and in return she gives us great beauty in a way we have never heard before. You truly will never know how much this means to Jglia, and how much you truly helped. All you need to do is look at the videos, and you can see the happiness in her, she is no longer just standing and singing, she is gleaming with joy. Thank You.

Jglia has made many friends and some she cares about greatly. Some of these people have stood by her and supported her from the beginning, and she loves them for all they have done. Jglia wants to send her thanks to some of these people, Mr. Erick of MrPinoyrock channel, Mr. Rick of cbrb40, Bobby, Richard, meilyn25, Lola Karen and Annie Pattison. Annie Pattison wanted to add a little something: We quickly became friends a year ago and soon realized how much we have in common. We both have a passion to do our best, keep trying new things. She is very supportive of others and a great person too. It is and has been my privilege to continue to see Jglia grow into a beautiful star. We are planning a music tour in 2012 in the Philippines and hope to meet each other.

Jglia has always been one of the best to support others, she is always willing to help, and learn when it comes to other performers. She is someone you can count on being there. All this kindness she has shown others has now come back to her. Someone brightened her day and now in return she brightens the day of others with the wondrous voice of her`s. Thank you for being a friend Jglia, you have touched my heart and I will always be here for you.

Please take time and listen to what a little kindness can do.