Jglia Cabilan Dajay


 Coming straight from the Philippines this gentle beauty Jglia , has taken everyone by surprise with what she can do. The wonderful voice she has almost went un-noticed. One thing about Jglia _she knew , she could sing and she set out to show everyone else.

 Jglia is thirteen years old , born January 5 , 1997 . She is currently a second year High School honor student. Jglia was the only person in her family that knew she could sing. She would often try and sing at home but her mother would always ask her to stop , that she was tired and didn`t want to hear noise. Her mom would say that she sounds like she had a cold and shivering. Until she was eleven she never really had a chance to sing. One day she went with her mom to a street contest and it turned out that her mom was one of the judges and it was a Minus One singing contest. Jglia was so excited and nervous and when the host asked if there was still anyone that wanted to sing after a few numbers, she stood up and said ” me sir ” . Unfortunately one of the judges stood up right when she was about to sing and took the mic away. The judge asked if she wanted to join and if she had a CD . Jglia did not have a CD and without one she was not allowed to sing and told to sit down. Then on her way home her mom held her hand and told her that she would not be allowed to join because she was one of the judges.

 Jglia discovered another contest the next day. This contest was a videoke , she asked her mom if she would be judging again and she said  ” no “. Jglia went to the contest,  upon getting there she found that she did not need a CD for the contest.  She entered and  , won! , she took her first place prize back to her mom. Her mom could not believe that she had won ,  her godmother was one of the judges and her mom felt it was favoritism.

 On Municipal Foundation Day one of the big events was Tupi Singing Idol and her godmother invited her to be one of the contestants , her mom was very surprised about this. Her mom still not believing she could sing. Jglia was so nervous she hid in the grass during the auditions. Then the big event happened , her mom and the whole family was surprised when they seen her on stage singing. Now everyone finaly got to hear what she could do , her mom in tears hugging her and her dad ,  saying we are so proud of you Jglia. This was a four day contest on the first day she was in third place and the second she was first, then on the last day they changed the judges. They wanted to know how old she was, ” she said ”  twelve Jglia was the youngest of them all. Jglia ended up in fourth place , they were all disappointed. She was told she did not win because of her age. ( This is wrong in my opinion )

  Her inspiration is Leah Salonga , ” she says “, she is so simple but elegant. She loves rock , R&B and any danceable hits. Believe it or not Jglia has a fear of talking to people , but when on stage she is transformed into a singing princess. When she sang ” Hush Hush ” no one believed she could do it , then she stepped out on stage and all daught was gone.

 Jglia`s dad bought her a computer for her to put her songs on YouTube , so that all could hear.  ” She says “, she don`t demand anything from her parents. The mic she uses on YouTube is cracked but she has never asked for another. For now all she wants is to payback her family with her good academics and her songs. One of the best gifts she has given her family has been a vacation that she had won in the contest. For now she is just dreaming of making a better way for her family. Jglia`s family is so proud of her.  What a happy ending this turned out to be , she always knew what she could do and now_ so does everyone.. Below is the song she sang on her first contest when everyone discovered her wonderful voice ” How Could You Say You Love Me ”     Thank you Jglia for believing in yourself and showing us all what you can do….