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Joey is an amazing pop artist who is on his way to making his mark in music. You can listen to him and he sounds as good as anyone on the radio today. Not only does he sing well, but he is a great piano player. He started playing piano long before he started singing. At four years old he start piano, then about ten he began to sing. Music teachers at school encouraged him to start taking voice lessons and pursue at music career. Since he started vocal training he has worked with many incredible coaches, but he has one that he can not give enough thanks to and that is, Marko Lampas. Joey had a lot of trouble when his voice began to change and Marko was crucial in making sure he was singing from a healthy place.

He took on his first performance at his school’s talent show singing, “Consider Yourself” from the Broadway musical Oliver. He really loved the adrenaline he got from being on stage and performing. One of his favorite performances he had was singing the National Anthem at the XL Center in Hartford in front of about 10,000 people. This was a hockey game that was sponsored by the Alzheimer’s committee. He said, it was so much fun meeting everyone and getting to perform for a amazing cause.

When he was sixteen he had the honor of being selected to be part of an All-American choir. This choir was made up from a few kids from each state and the got to perform at Carnegie Hall. This was truly an amazing experience   for him. Joey loves all styles of music, but he is a very big fan of Brittney Spears. He loves her style and performances. He also channels himself to be like Michael Jackson. Because of Michael’s powerful stage presence, this makes Joey to want to be an artist like that. For Joey he just loves the feeling he gets when he sings and performs. It is an out-of -body experience that takes him to another world. He hopes to be signed by a major label and tour the world with his music. He also wants to take his career even farther by going into acting for film and TV.

Joey Loglisci at stars2comeJoey just released his debut album this past summer, “Superstar” on itunes. It was an amazing experience for him to work with Jake Siberon on this project. Joey wrote four out of five of the songs on the album. All the songs he has written comes from a personal experience that he has lived through. He had a lot of fun writing and recording the title track of his album “Superstar”. This is a real empowering song, and he has gotten a lot of positive feedback about it, and how it made people feel better about themselves. Another song on the album “Poisonous”, is about a bad relationship between two people that are in love, but are always fighting.

Joey lives and breaths music, and it shows in all his songs and performances. He is the real deal, there is nothing fake or covered up with Joey. Everything you see and hear is all him. He has an awesome sound that fits so well with pop music. His voice, talent and charisma will take him many great places in his career. His dedication and passion for everything he does will bring his hopes and dreams to reality and gain him many fans around the world. Make sure you stop by and pick up his album today.