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Joey Monaca  has an outstanding new album out that is sure to shake up the music world. His new album, “Mannequin” is full of great music and the R&B sound the songs have really spices things up. Every song on the album is worth listening to and each song has a great dance vibe, where you can get out on the dance floor and get lost in the music. You will not find anything on the radio right now better than what Joey has produced on this album, it is a must have for every music lover. The album “Mannequin” was designed to encourage people to have fun and be themselves, and he hit it spot on. Joey is now under new management and is currently working on a new album with the producers for Drake and Chris Brown. You can be sure this new album will be as sensational “Mannequin”.  Any music coming from Joey is something everyone should have in their music collection.

Joey was born on January 1st, 1993 in Coral Springs Florida, and throughout his life he has always wanted to follow in his aunt’s footsteps. His aunt Corinne Camacho is  well known in the entertainment industry for her starring roles on “Days of Our Lives” and “Little House on the Prairie”. Joey has gained a great deal of inspiration from Corinne leading him to want to pursue a career in the entertainment industry himself. This inspiration got him started early in life studying acting, dance, along with classical voice lessons with Marko Lampas a graduate from the Juiliard School of Music. It was not long before he found that he loved the stage and has been cast in many great productions from the “Pirates of Penzance” to other great productions such as, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Cinderella”, and “The Music Man”. By the time his freshman year of high school rolled around he became more serious about a career in the entertainment industry and he and his mom went to NYC to meet with the Carson-Adler agency who has represented icons like Britney Spears, Lea Michelle, and Matt Damon. The agency welcomed him in and soon after began auditioning for TV, Broadway and commercials. Also during his freshman year of high school he started writing and recording with Christy Thompson and Michael Patzig while attending the Waterbury Arts Magnet School. He continued working with Christy and Michael and soon his first single “Stronger Without You” came to be. “Stronger Without You” was produced by the Grammy winning Paul Avgerinos. When Joey was seventeen he started writing his first EP along with Jake Siberon and Raphael “Rey” Gomez. This  five track album was released when he turned eighteen entitled “Superstar”. This album gained recognition throughout North America and Europe.

Joey has always been excellent when it comes to his music. Every time he has a new song come out you think that he couldn’t get any better, but another comes and sure enough he has excelled beyond the other. All of his hard work has paid off greatly during his career, and has also landed him his first TV performance this year. Joey will be packing up and heading out of Southbury, CT. to LA to further his entertainment career.  Soon he will be putting together a new YouTube reality series that will focus on his music and life. Keep a close watch for other great happenings coming from Joey, and if you have not gotten your copy of “Mannequin” then you don’t know what your missing. Pick it up today!

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