John Patrick “That`s The Stuff”

John Patrick at stars2come

The vocals that JP has are amazing, the music he does belongs number 1 on the charts. He truly compliments any song he sings, whether it is a cover or one he wrote,  his voice is so clean and clear. He is just simply a real pleasure to listen to, he has such  a beautiful voice.

 JP found his love for music at a young age. His sister was a singer and he gained his inspiration from her. He has some amazing vocal coaches, and he takes lessons weekly in New York, and New Jersey. His coaches have taught some amazing people that you have seen or heard on Broadway, Carnegie Hall, and the radio, like Britney Spears, and Natasha Bedingfield. His coaches have found themselves another superstar, and it is JP.

 At an early age he started performing in local theater productions, and by the time he turned fourteen he was already doing professional performances, at regional theaters, and the famous Carnegie Hall. He also got the honor to perform at the 2010 National High School Teen Idol, as Teen Idol himself which he won in 2009. JP`s accomplishments are very inspiring, he is a great person to look up to as a role model. JP gets his inspiration from many people from Michael Jackson to Rascal Flatts. He says, he is often compared to people like, Justin Bieber, but he likes to bring his own flavor to the table.

John Patrick at stars2come

 One of the great things about JP is his original songs, they are outstanding. He has amazingly good instinct when picking out the right song, and he did just that with, “That`s the Stuff”. This song was written by Lori Kelly of Prancing Pony Publishing and it is just beautiful.  It is a song about telling someone you love, that you love them, and have faith in them. “That`s the Stuff” is a perfect fit for his voice, and the song is done so well, it would not be surprising to turn on the radio one day soon and there it will be. It is a brilliant song and brilliantly done. This song was produced by Human Factor Productions.

 While he is great at picking out good songs from writers, he is also a great writer himself. He started writing his own songs when he was about thirteen. He writes about one song per day, although  he says, most are currently unfinished, but he loves the art of words and music. He will be bringing more originals to everyone soon. He is finishing up on his new EP album to be releast soon. They are all new songs, and he says, they are pop filled and fun.  

 JP is a dreamer and believer, and he hopes to touch the world with his voice. With the voice he has this is sure to become a reality. He wants to speak up for those who can`t, and one day to become an ambassador to UNICEF like Selena Gomez. He says, he is a spiritual and charitable person and hopes to make a difference in the world. He has such a big heart for people and music, and all his efforts to make a difference in the world, might not make him to be just a star, but an Icon. He has the voice and the passion to make anything happen.