Johnny O 4




JohnnyO has become a smash hit world-wide in just two short years with his music videos. In just this short time he has gained over 5 million views. This is a great accomplishment, most never reach these numbers and those who do often takes far longer than two years. Johnny has a great tone to his voice; this along with how well it shows in the videos how much fun he is having has gained him such popularity. If the artist is having fun so will the audience and more appealing the artist becomes. All of his videos are very entertaining and very well done, and people everywhere loves them.

Johnny’s sister Darian is who got this all started. Darian had the idea of making a music video in December 2011. She recorded him singing Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe and put it up on YouTube for his friends and family to see, and people seemed to like it so they kept right on making them. This was the beginning of an internet superstar.

Johnny does not just singing on film, but he also gets out performing wherever he can. He made his first public performance at his school assembly where he sang in front of the whole school. He says he likes performing at his school because his friends really supports him. He also liked performing at his ski club because it was to raise money to support the track 3 ski association; this organization teaches kids with disabilities to ski and snowboard. For Johnny singing is just really fun, and makes him feel really cool.

Justin Bieber is his favorite artist, and it was he who inspired Johnny to start singing. He hopes to be really famous like Justin someday, but if it does not work out he says he would like to be a lawyer like his dad. At the rate Johnny is moving up in popularity there is a very good chance of not only being as big as Justin, but bigger. There is a lot needed to become a major artist and it is not just good vocals. It is necessary to gain a large fan base which Johnny has and growing larger everyday, but another boost towards stardom is  good original songs, and Johnny has already started his original collection.

Johnny has an awesome new original out called, Never Give Up, this song was written by Nate Livingston. He did a fantastic job with his first original song, his delivery was excellent. This song means a lot to him because there are so many haters on the internet and they need to know they can not bring him down. He hopes this song inspires other people to go after their dreams and not listen to the haters out there. Johnny has a really cool video that shows to Never Give Up, and you will prevail. He had a good time making this video because he got to film while playing hockey, which he also loves. He and his sister Darian makes a great team, she does all the filming and editing of his videos and they work together to come up with the ideas.  However now it is becoming a three-some. His little sister Lauren made her first cover debut with Johnny singing Rihanna’s song “Stay”. They both did a wonderful job on this song, and very enjoyable to watch. There is nothing more important than to have family involved and supporting the artist greatly, and Johnny clearly has a wonderful family helping him along on his journey.

He has had some other really cool stuff come about; one of them was when Ryan Seacrest picked his cover of Boyfriend to be in his contest. He didn’t win, but he said it was really cool to be included. He has always been known for great music videos, but now he also has a Vlog. He started this about six months ago, he found it was a good way to answer fans questions and keep them up to date with what was going on. With as large of a following as he has, this would be the ideal way of keeping everyone informed and it has been successful. Johnny is an internet success and this can only grow into bigger and better things for him. He has all the qualities into which major artists are made, and he will most certainly become one of them.